Did you know some of your favourite K-Pop idols were actually BFFs?

Idols from their groups spend lot of time together, be it for promotional schedules on music shows, talk shows and more. Likewise, idols from different groups are often close with each other, to the point of being best friends for life. These friendships are hard to find and as adorable as ever. They are very cherished by both them and among the fans because their interactions are just golden!

GOT7’s Jackson Wang and BTS’ RM

Jackson Wang talks about her friendship with RM - Somag News

Jackson and RM’s friendship is iconic. Jackson whining about RM not picking his calls and being busy all the time and RM opening up to Jackson are what we love the most of their friendship. These are the relationships that last till forever!

Blackpink’s Rosé and Girl’s Day’s Hyeri

Girl's Day Hyeri shares pictures from BLACKPINK Rosé birthday celebration |  allkpop

Rosé and Hyeri first met on the show DoReMi market and quickly became close to each other. With Hyeri reaching out for her number and Rosé inviting for her a meal and the rest as they is history! They celebrated Rosé birthday last year together in Quarantine.

Blackpink’s Lisa and GOT7’s Bambam

They made it (Lisa & GOT7 BamBam) : BeulPing

Lisa and Bambam have basically grown up together. They have been friends since they were kids and were quite close. Despite being in different agencies, they were trainees at the same time and supported each other for years in the foreign country South Korea. They are both from Thailand and have an unspoken acknowledgement that they made it with their careers.

Block B’s P.O and Winner’s MINO

TAEPYO — pyovelybeinglovely: let's take a moment to... | Block b, Pyo  jihoon, Song mino

MINO and P.O are best friends since they were in high school and revealed their friendship through social media and various TV shows. P.O still has his high school uniform because he wants to treasures the memories of meeting his best friend MINO in it. MINO revealed how P.O has sent flowers and cake to his mother to thank her for giving birth to his best friend. I mean, how cute is that? The love and gratitude is evident in their actions and words towards each other.

SNSD’s Tiffany and Jessi

Tiffany Young and Jessi show off close friendship in modern hanboks during  Jeonju culture trip | allkpop

Tiffany and Jessi have been friends from their early stages of their career. And even now, they’re more closer than ever! The two attended high school together in South Korea after coming from States. The two of them get along really well have a special friendship.

BTS’ V and SHINee’s Minho

Pin on BTS_방탄소년단

Minho and V’s interactions can be described with one word- adorable. The two of them have bonded and become closed since shooting Hwarang together. Recently during the 31st Golden Disk Awards, the Hwarang co-stars sat together and hung out during the show. Fans saw them holding hands and a hilarious moments like staring deep into each other’s eyes. They sure love to make awkward greetings when they meet, like grabbing each other’s butt!

Did we miss any of the BFF pair from K-Pop idols? Who is your favourite BFF pair of all?

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