Best Sporty 125cc Scooters to Buy in India for Diwali 2023

Best Sporty 125cc Scooters to Buy in India for Diwali 2023
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TVS Ntorq 125The TVS Ntorq 125 is a great choice for those who want a 125cc scooter that offers impressive performance and features. The Ntorq 125 has a 124.8cc, three-valve, air-cooled engine that delivers 9.25bhp at 7,000rpm and 10Nm at 5,500rpm. The engine is coupled with a CVT gearbox and has a smooth and responsive power delivery. The scooter has a starting price of Rs. 84,636 (ex-showroom), while the top-end XT variant costs Rs. 1.05 lakh (ex-showroom).Suzuki Avenis 125The Suzuki Avenis 125 is another good option that combines convenience and refinement. The scooter shares the same 124.3cc, air-cooled engine with the Burgman Street and the Access 125. The engine produces 8.58bhp at 6,750rpm and 10Nm at 5,500rpm. The Avenis 125 has three variants that are priced between Rs. 89,900 to Rs. 92,300 (ex-showroom).Honda Grazia 125The Honda Grazia 125 is the sportier version of the Activa 125. If you like the reliability and practicality of the Activa but want something more stylish, then the Grazia 125 is for you. It has a 124cc engine that makes 8.14bhp at 6,000rpm and 10.3Nm at 5,00rpm. The engine is paired with a CVT. The Grazia 125 is the most affordable sporty scooter in the segment, with prices starting from Rs. 82,520 (ex-showroom).Yamaha Ray ZR 125The Yamaha Ray ZR 125 is the only sporty scooter in the segment that has a mild-hybrid system. The scooter has a starter generator that works with the 125cc, air-cooled engine that generates 8.04bhp at 6,500rpm and 10.3Nm at 5,000rpm. The Ray ZR 125 has a silent start system and an auto start/stop function, which enhance its fuel efficiency. The starter generator also assists during quick acceleration, reducing the stress on the engine. The Yamaha Ray ZR 125 has a base price of Rs. 84,730 (ex-showroom) and goes up to Rs. 95,830 (ex-showroom) for the top-of-the-line Street Rally variant.Aprilia SR 125The Aprilia SR 125 is the most expensive sporty scooter in the segment, but also the most powerful one, albeit by a small margin. The SR 125 has a single variant that is priced at Rs. 1.23 lakh (ex-showroom), which is way higher than its rivals. It has a 124.45cc, air-cooled engine that churns out 9.97bhp at 7,300rpm and 10.33Nm at 5,500rpm. The SR 125 has an excellent handling package and the engine offers thrilling performance. However, the stiff suspension setup makes it a bit harsh to ride on city roads.


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