TVS Eurogrip Develops Next-Gen Superbike,ADV Tyres

TVS Eurogrip Develops Next-Gen Superbike,ADV Tyres
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The company has recently undergone a significant transformation over the past four years and is striving to become a global leader in the two-wheeler industry. While the Indian two-wheeler sector has been producing top-notch products, the same can be said for the Indian tires designed for these motorcycles. TVS Tyres, a prominent player in both domestic and export markets, rebranded as TVS Eurogrip in 2019, signaling a shift towards premiumization. In an interview with the company’s CTO, Sivaramakrishnan Viswanathan, we gained insights into their rapid growth and future plans.

Viswanathan emphasized their organization’s ambition to become a globally recognized specialist in two-wheeler tires, manufacturing premium products. To cater to a wide range of customer demands, TVS Eurogrip is launching a series of global product lines with an emphasis on performance. This includes the Bee Connect line of scooter tires, the Climber (a 20/80 tire with a 20% road focus and 80% off-road capability) targeting serious off-road enthusiasts, and the new Roadhound sport touring tire. The Roadhound is TVS Eurogrip’s latest and most advanced sporting product, designed to rival renowned tire brands such as Metzeler Roadtec and Pirelli Angel GT.

The Roadhound features a four-compound construction, with a stability and longevity-focused compound in the center, two additional compounds on the shoulders for increased stiffness and cornering grip, and a fourth base layer compound for improved comfort.

To achieve such world-class products, the company underwent a complete restructuring of its internal structure. The R&D department was divided into four verticals, each handling materials and compounds, product technologies, testing technologies, and predictive technologies. TVS Eurogrip also invested in specialized testing equipment, modernized its test tracks, and established a new material sciences test lab. This lab has already resulted in eight new material patents, particularly in the field of sustainable materials. Additionally, they established an R&D center in Milan, providing global expertise and access to an international supplier base.

All these transformations were completed in the past four years, leading to significant outcomes. Viswanathan noted that the R&D throughput increased from 30-40 products per year before 2019 to around 100-120 products per year currently.

Looking ahead, TVS Eurogrip’s ultimate goal is to have a tire for every bike on the market. In the near term, they plan to launch the Trailhound, a premium tire targeting ADV riders, available in 60/40 and 70/30 applications. Furthermore, the company is developing a sportier tire for superbikes, positioned above the Roadhound. This tire will come in sizes up to a 200-section rear tire and is expected to debut in 2025.

With a presence in 80 countries worldwide, TVS Eurogrip has evolved into a larger tire manufacturer than many would expect. The Roadhound tire will be tested soon, and considering the impressive performance of their Protorq Extreme tires, expectations are high for their new offerings.

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