Yamaha R1 GYTR Limited Edition Revealed

Yamaha R1 GYTR Limited Edition Revealed
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In celebration of its 25-year anniversary, Yamaha recently introduced a highly exclusive and sought-after model for the European market – the R1 GYTR Pro 25th Anniversary Limited Edition. This extraordinary motorcycle, limited to only 25 units worldwide, features a range of mechanical and cosmetic enhancements that distinguish it from the standard R1 model.Among the standout upgrades are the Genuine Yamaha Technology Racing (GYTR) Pro components, including a lightweight carbon-fibre sub-frame and a high-performance Magneti Marelli ECU.

The engineers have taken special care to maintain a low center of gravity for improved handling and maneuverability. The bike is equipped with top-of-the-line suspension, boasting Ohlins FGR USD forks and a TTX monoshock with a preload adjuster.

To further enhance performance, the Yamaha WSBK race bike’s swingarm has been directly incorporated into this limited edition R1.In terms of braking, the R1 GYTR Pro 25th Anniversary comes with a premium Brembo setup on both the front and rear wheels, ensuring exceptional stopping power.

The heart of this extraordinary machine is a 998cc, four-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine, the very same powerplant used in Yamaha’s racing motorcycles, providing awe-inspiring performance on the road.Yamaha Motor Research and Development Europe has also included the GYTR Pro Electronic System module (GPES), which offers advanced control over various aspects of the bike’s performance, such as wheelie control, launch control, engine braking management, and traction control. To complete the package, an impressive full Akrapovic exhaust system is fitted to unleash the engine’s full potential.

Each of the 25 units will be meticulously tailored to the preferences of their respective buyers, adding an element of exclusivity to these already highly coveted motorcycles. Notably, all 25 models have been promptly sold out in Europe, testament to the strong demand and appeal of this limited edition R1.The asking price for the Yamaha R1 GYTR Pro 25th Anniversary Limited Edition was set at EUR 1,59,000, which translates to an impressive Rs. 1.44 crore, excluding taxes.

This premium cost reflects the exceptional craftsmanship, top-tier components, and unparalleled performance that the fortunate owners of these rare machines will enjoy.

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