Bank Holidays in September: 16 Days of State Closures Revealed

Bank Holidays in September: 16 Days of State Closures Revealed
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As the festive season draws near, a series of anticipated banking holidays are slated for the month of September. These holidays encompass a diverse range of occasions, spanning from religious ceremonies and festivals to crucial administrative events. According to the holiday calendar released by the Reserve Bank of India, the upcoming month will observe 12 official holidays, albeit varying from state to state. When coupled with Sundays and the inclusion of alternate Saturday leaves, this results in a total of 16 bank holidays during the course of the month.

A Date-Wise Rundown: September’s Bank Holidays

Here’s an organized chronological list of the notable occasions marked by bank holidays in September:

September 6 – Sri Krishna Janmashtami

Banks will be closed in Orissa, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Bihar.

September 7 – Janmashtami (Shravan Vad-8)/Sri Krishna Ashtami

Banks will observe closure in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Chandigarh, Sikkim, Rajasthan, Jammu, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Meghalaya, Himachal Pradesh, and Srinagar.

September 8 – G-20 Summit 8

Banks in Delhi will be closed owing to the G20 Summit.

September 18 – Varasiddhi Vinayaka Vrata/Vinayaka Chathurthi

Banks will remain closed in Karnataka and Telangana.

September 19 – Ganesh Chaturthi/Samvatsari (Chaturthi Paksha)

Banks will experience closure in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Orissa, Tamil Nadu, and Goa.

September 20 – Ganesh Chaturthi (2nd day)/Nuakhai

Banks in Orissa and Goa will remain closed.

September 22 – Sree Narayana Guru Samadhi Day

Banks will be closed in Kerala.

An Overview of September’s Banking Landscape

As the calendar turns towards September, individuals and businesses alike should take note of these marked dates. These banking holidays, varying in significance and implications, can impact financial operations and transactions across regions. Awareness of these closures is crucial for effective financial planning and seamless management during the festive period. Please bear in mind that these details are based on the information provided by the Reserve Bank of India and may be subject to variations. Local factors and regional conditions may influence the implementation of these holidays, making it advisable to stay attuned to official announcements and notifications.

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