G20 Summit India News: Delhi Government announced Public Holiday from Sept 8-10

G20 Summit India News: Delhi Government announced Public Holiday from Sept 8-10
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In preparation for the upcoming G20 Summit in September, a three-day public holiday has been approved for the National Capital by Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. From September 8 to September 10, a comprehensive shutdown will be in effect, leading to the closure of schools, colleges, banks, and markets.

The purpose of this shutdown is to accommodate the influx of dignitaries, with significant VVIP movement anticipated starting from September 8. This measure is in line with heightened security requirements and will aid in managing traffic and other logistics.

Key points to note about the G20 Summit and the accompanying public holiday:

  1. India is hosting this year’s G20 Summit, with the main event scheduled for September 9 and 10. The event will see the participation of esteemed dignitaries, including US President Joe Biden and around 30 heads of state from the European Union. Additionally, heads of more than 14 global organizations have been invited to attend.
  2. The implementation of the three-day public holiday aligns with the anticipated arrival of dignitaries in the National Capital on September 8. The presence of these dignitaries will necessitate heightened security and coordination efforts. As a result, heavy vehicles will not be permitted entry into Delhi during these three days.
  3. During the public holiday period, certain facilities and services will be temporarily closed, including schools, colleges, markets, banks, and selected Delhi Metro stations. Notable metro stations such as Central Secretariat and Supreme Court stations may be affected. Areas categorized as ‘controlled zones,’ primarily within New Delhi district, will be inaccessible to the general public. Authorities advise citizens to avoid these areas during the designated period. Delhi Police will issue a comprehensive traffic advisory for the residents of Delhi-NCR to ensure smooth navigation.
  4. In conjunction with the Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC), police officials are strategizing to determine which city bus routes will be temporarily suspended during the G20 summit. There are also reports suggesting that the Delhi government is encouraging businesses to enable ‘Work From Home’ arrangements for employees during this period. Clear guidelines and advisories will be disseminated to the public to minimize confusion.
  5. The event’s logistical aspects are being meticulously monitored, including the surveillance of over 60 important roads and 23 designated hotels. Special attention is being given to these areas due to their significance for the summit. Several newly-appointed bureaucrats have been assigned G20-related responsibilities. The Pragati Maidan convention center, recently inaugurated by Prime Minister Modi, will serve as the primary venue for the summit. Other noteworthy venues include IARI Pusa, Rajghat, and Jaipur House.

This comprehensive arrangement aims to ensure the security and smooth operation of the G20 Summit, and it involves a collective effort from various government departments and authorities.

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