How to Use Bing Chat AI in Google Chrome: A Simple Guide

How to Use Bing Chat AI in Google Chrome: A Simple Guide
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Bing Chat, a cutting-edge AI chatbot by Microsoft, brings conversational interactions to the Bing search engine. While initially exclusive to Microsoft Edge, the exciting news is that it’s now gradually becoming available on Chrome and Safari as well, marking a significant expansion in its accessibility.

Unveiling Bing Chat: What It Does

Bing Chat, powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4, empowers you to engage with the Bing search engine using natural language. Unlike traditional search results, Bing Chat offers conversational responses, ideally containing the information you’re seeking. The interactive aspect allows you to iterate, ask follow-up questions, and receive contextual responses, although there’s a constraint to consider, which we’ll explore shortly.

Bing Chat harnesses the same model, GPT-4, that underpins ChatGPT Plus—a paid version of ChatGPT. The notable distinction lies in the user-friendliness of Bing Chat, eliminating some barriers to access compared to ChatGPT. And the best part? Bing Chat comes at no cost.

Bing Chat’s Versatility

For newcomers to the realm of AI chatbots, Bing Chat’s capabilities can be awe-inspiring. If information is your quest, posing a question is all it takes. The response you receive won’t be a traditional list of links; instead, you’ll obtain a written response laden with information and linked sources for further exploration. What sets Bing Chat apart is its ability to refine your query via follow-up questions, all contextual to your initial inquiry.

However, what truly takes the cake is Bing Chat’s creative prowess. Request it to conjure a story based on your prompts, craft an essay from a title, or even compose a limerick given a starting line. The results are often astonishingly impressive. But that’s not all—Bing Chat can even generate images. Fancy a unicorn donning a suit? Ask Bing Chat, and behold the generated image.

Comparing Bing Chat on Chrome and Edge

Bing Chat on Chrome echoes its Edge counterpart in most features. The gamut of questions you can pose and the responses you receive remain consistent. Yet, significant differences warrant attention. At present, there’s a limit of five prompts in a single conversation on Chrome before initiating a fresh one. This safeguards against the pitfalls of elongated conversations confusing generative AI and producing dubious responses. In Edge, however, the limit extends to ten prompts before resetting—a figure that can be bolstered by signing in with a Microsoft account.

For those using Chrome (or Safari), queries are capped at 2,000 characters. Conversely, Bing Chat on Microsoft Edge grants you up to 4,000 characters when opting for ‘More Creative’ or ‘More Precise’ modes. While this might not be a concern for simple queries, intricate prompts like requesting code for a specific purpose could brush against Chrome’s character cap.

Embracing Bing Chat AI on Chrome: How-To Guide

Integrating Bing Chat AI into your Chrome experience is straightforward, making it one of the easiest pathways to harness the might of generative AI. Unlike ChatGPT, there’s no need to create an account or sign in. To wield Bing Chat AI on Chrome:

  1. Open Chrome and navigate to the Bing website.
  2. On the Bing homepage, click the Chat icon.
  3. Choose your preferred conversation style: More Creative, More Balanced, or More Precise.
  4. Type your query in the search box and hit Enter.
  5. Upon receiving a response, continue by typing additional prompts or selecting from suggested follow-ups.
  6. Carry on until you reach the prompt limit, at which point initiating a new conversation becomes necessary.
  7. To commence a new conversation at any juncture, simply click the New Topic icon.

Hurdles and Hopes: Availability and Access

While Bing Chat’s journey to Safari and Chrome is ongoing, its availability isn’t universal at the time of writing. If the prompts continually nudge you towards installing Edge, it’s an indicator that Bing Chat isn’t yet accessible on Chrome for you. In such cases, patience is advised as the feature’s unlocking is imminent. Alternatively, an instant switch to Microsoft Edge allows immediate Bing Chat usage. It’s important to note that intermittent access glitches might manifest. While you might access Bing Chat on Chrome one day, the next day could prove elusive. These wrinkles are expected to smoothen out over time, ushering in seamless Bing Chat utilization on Chrome.

Navigating AI Empowerment on Chrome

Mastering Bing Chat AI on Chrome offers a gateway to leveraging its remarkable generative AI capabilities without necessitating a browser change. Although limitations exist, and universal Chrome access remains pending, once unlocked, Bing Chat stands as an impressively potent tool. Delve deeper into Bing Chat’s possibilities—learn how to erase your Bing Chat search history, safeguarding your limerick sources’ anonymity. Alternatively, if Bing Chat AI isn’t your cup of tea within Windows 11 Search, discover how to disable it. And for the skeptics wary of AI domination, rest assured, you can banish the Bing Chat button from Microsoft Edge, thereby quelling any uprising of AI overlords.

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