Registration System with New Software Starting Sept 1

Registration System with New Software Starting Sept 1
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New Simplified Registration Process “PRIMME” to be Launched in Andhra Pradesh

VIJAYAWADA: Commencing from September 1, the Registration and Stamps Department is gearing up to introduce an upgraded version of CARD (Computer Aided Administration of Registration Department), called PRIMME. This new system aims to streamline the registration process for customers, offering a convenient and efficient experience. Under PRIMME, applicants can submit their application online and subsequently schedule a suitable time slot to visit the registration office for a swift and hassle-free completion of the process. A key enhancement with this version is that citizens can independently upload their documents, eliminating the need for intermediaries.

Presently, the department employs the CARD 1.0 version, initially designed in 1999. Recognizing the evolving requirements of the public and aiming for prompt, high-quality, and secure services, the new CARD 2.0 version has been developed using advanced technology. Deployment of CARD 2.0 is scheduled in registration offices across the State by September 15.

Delving into the features of the revamped system, V Rama Krishna, Commissioner and Inspector General of the Registration and Stamps department, explained, “Applicants can easily register their documents by submitting an online application. They can independently upload their documents and make online payments for registration charges. By booking a convenient verification slot, applicants can finalize the registration process within just 20 minutes.”

Krishna clarified that after online document submission and slot booking, individuals can conclude the registration procedure by uploading soft copies of their documents, effectively eliminating waiting times.

Addressing concerns about the new system rendering physical documents with signatures obsolete, he stressed that both online and offline submission options are available. He dismissed claims that physical documents would become outdated due to the new version.

Automation Extends to Mutation Process

The department anticipates that the self-enrollment feature will reduce errors and save time for applicants. Additionally, with this system, customers won’t need to physically carry hard copies of documents to the Sub-Registrar for registration. Rama Krishna emphasized that the new process enables individuals to bypass intermediaries, particularly middlemen, for registration, while also automating the mutation process upon completion of land registration, thereby eliminating the need to visit the Tahsildar’s office.

In the face of these changes, document writers staged protests across the State opposing the new version, which temporarily affected registration services on Wednesday.

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