September 2023 Tax Calendar: Check Full List Of Important Due Dates Next Month

September 2023 Tax Calendar: Check Full List Of Important Due Dates Next Month
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Efficiently managing your finances requires a keen understanding of crucial tax payment dates. A tax calendar serves as a valuable tool to help taxpayers remain organized and compliant with tax obligations. As we step into September 2023, let’s explore the important tax deadlines for this month.

September 7 — TDS/TCS Deposit

On or before September 7, 2023, ensure the deposit of tax deducted or collected for August 2023. Notably, any amounts withheld or collected by government offices should be promptly transferred to the central government’s account on the same day as tax payment. This transfer process can be streamlined without the necessity of an income tax challan.

September 14 — TDS Certificate

By September 14, issue the TDS certificate for tax deducted under Sections 194-IA, 194-IB, 194M, and 194S for July 2023.

September 15 — Form 24G, Advance Tax, Form 3BB

Deadline for governmental entities to submit Form 24G falls on September 15. This pertains to individuals who have remitted TDS/TCS for August 2023 without generating a challan. Additionally, seize the opportunity to make the second installment of advance tax payment for the assessment year 2024-25. On the same note, stock exchanges are required to furnish a statement in Form No. 3BB detailing transactions where client codes were modified post registration in the system during August 2023.

September 30 — TDS Challan, Audit Report, ITR, Form 9A

The closing date for submitting the challan-cum-statement for tax deductions made in August 2023 under Sections 194-IA, 194-IB, 194M, and 194S is September 30.

In addition, corporate assesses and non-corporate assesses (with an income tax return deadline of October 31, 2023) should submit an audit report under Section 44AB for the Assessment Year 2023-24.

Furthermore, September marks the final opportunity to file Form 9A applications. These applications relate to the choice provided under the Explanation to Section 11(1), allowing the utilization of the income from the previous year in the upcoming year or subsequent years. This provision applies to assesses obligated to file an income tax return by November 30, 2023.

Staying Compliant: A Step Towards Financial Well-being

Marking these tax due dates in your calendar can significantly contribute to your financial planning and adherence to tax regulations. By staying informed and acting punctually, you not only ensure compliance but also pave the way for a secure financial future.

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