South Central Railway’s Historic Achievement: Longest Rail Flyover between Gudur and Manubolu

South Central Railway’s Historic Achievement: Longest Rail Flyover between Gudur and Manubolu
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Indian Railways continues its relentless efforts to enhance the country’s railway infrastructure. As part of this ongoing commitment, the South Central Railway (SCR) zone has achieved a remarkable feat—commissioning the longest rail flyover on August 25, 2023. This monumental rail flyover project has been executed under the proficient stewardship of Rail Vikas Nigam Limited (RVNL).

Defining the Longest Rail Flyover of SCR:

Stretching between Gudur and Manubolu railway stations within the Vijayawada Division, the SCR’s latest accomplishment stands as the longest rail flyover in its domain. Notably, this marks the seventh Rail over Rail (RoR) construction across the SCR zone, but the Gudur-Manubolu RoR is unprecedented, spanning a considerable 2.2 kilometers—a stark contrast to the previous longest rail flyover spanning a mere 40 meters.

Alleviating Rail Congestion with Precision:

The newly inaugurated rail flyover is a strategic solution to alleviate congestion near the bustling Gudur Station. General Manager of SCR, Arun Kumar Jain, emphasized its benefits, stating that the flyover will significantly curtail train waiting times when approaching the congested Gudur Station.

Construction Journey of the Gudur-Manubolu Rail Flyover:

The completion of the Gudur-Manubolu Rail Flyover within a span of two years stands as a testament to efficient execution. The flyover’s structure incorporates advanced materials like Pre-stressed Concrete (PSC) and Composite girders, enhancing torsional resistance and minimizing long-term maintenance costs. High-grade concrete and structural steel have been employed for the Substructure, PSC Girders, and Slab of the Flyover.

Ingenious Design for Efficient Execution:

The dimensions of the bridge were meticulously planned by RVNL to ensure smooth construction without necessitating land acquisition. This strategic design optimization allowed the project to seamlessly align with the available railway land, expediting the entire process.

Revolutionizing Train Movements:

The inauguration of the Gudur-Manubolu Rail Flyover holds immense significance as it stands on the pivotal Grand Trunk Route. Gudur railway station serves as a vital juncture between South Central Railway and Southern Railway, overseeing diverse train movements. This newly established flyover will streamline train operations on this congested route, enabling simultaneous movements between Vijayawada to Renigunta and Chennai to Vijayawada, all while passing through Gudur station.

This innovative solution eliminates the need for train halts to facilitate cross-movements, ultimately boosting the average train speed and optimizing operational efficiency in the region. Designed to accommodate trains with an axle load of 32.5 tonnes, this dual-direction rail flyover represents a monumental leap in railway infrastructure advancement.

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