Amazon Executive Shot Dead by Gang, 18-Year-Old Leader Arrested

Amazon Executive Shot Dead by Gang, 18-Year-Old Leader Arrested
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Headline: Youth Arrested in New Delhi Amazon Senior Manager Murder Case

New Delhi: In a recent development, an 18-year-old has been apprehended by the Delhi Police in connection with the tragic killing of a senior manager at Amazon, Harpreet Gill. The incident unfolded in Northeast Delhi, where Gill was fatally shot by a group of five individuals while riding a bike with a friend.

Authorities have stated that the altercation leading to the attack stemmed from a dispute over a narrow lane. The assailants, riding a scooter from the opposite direction, encountered Gill and his friend in the confined lane. With space for only one vehicle to pass through at a time, neither party was willing to yield ground.

The unfortunate shooting occurred during the late hours in Bhajanpura, Delhi, around 11.30 pm. The police have identified the main suspect as Bilal Gani and his accomplices: Mohammad Sameer (18), Sohail (23), Mohammad Junaid (23), and Adnan (19). Reports indicate that the group had been socializing in North Ghonda, Bhajanpura, before the incident occurred.

Around 10.30 pm, they decided to embark on a scooter ride, eventually finding themselves on a narrow lane where the passage of two bikes simultaneously was not feasible.

Tensions escalated, and Gani and his companions became increasingly confrontational. In a regrettable turn of events, Junaid physically assaulted Gill, prompting Gill and his friend to disembark and attempt to reason with the young men. Tragically, the situation took a fatal turn when Sameer fired shots at their heads, leading to Gill’s demise, as confirmed by the Deputy Commissioner of Police.

The identification of the suspects was aided by the meticulous review of CCTV footage, a key factor in the investigation.

Further revelations indicate that Gani, previously employed at a welding shop in Bhajanpura, recently turned 18. His past includes involvement in a murder case and a robbery in Bhajanpura during 2022. Despite being a minor at that time, he was able to secure his release from the Children’s Observation home, according to the police.

This incident serves as a grim reminder of the consequences of disputes escalating into tragic outcomes. The Delhi Police are committed to ensuring justice is served and are diligently pursuing the case to its resolution.

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