JOOX Thailand Music Awards 2021 : Make it BUZZ | Winners and summary

JOOX Thailand Music Awards 2021 : Make it BUZZ | Winners and summary

JTMA or JOOX Thailand Music Awards is the musical awards ceremony held by JOOX Music Application. This awards show is a platform that promotes and honors the potential of artists and bands from Thai music industry. It also encourages creating and producing of music. This ceremony was held for the first time in the year 2017.

Voting festival for the award nominations for JTMA 2021 BUZZ is over. But the cheers of the fans were not over and they have been energetic and intense as ever. The ceremony will took place on May 28 and viewers see the winners on JOOX music app from 6:00 PM. Click here!

The Winners of the JOOX Thailand Music Awards 2021 in all categories:

  • New Artist of the year: BILLIKIN
  • Lukthung Song of the year: Rak Na Taowawan, artist Nook Thanadon, Pai Pai Orio
  • Top Social Artist of the year: GOT7
  • Song of the year: music not just for enticing Ost. Ai.. The temptation for artists BamBam (GOT7)
  • Artist of the year: THREE MAN DOWN

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In the COVID-19 situation, JOOX changed the format of the award ceremony. In collaboration with BUZZ, the awards were announced through short clips that allows fans to cheer their favorite artists to win the music awards. JTMA is an artist pride award. The votes from the fans account for 20% of the score calculated to choose the winner from the nominations. Another 10% is the people from music industry choice over the artists. The remaining 70% would be based on count of online streaming of songs, downloads offline and sharing of songs throughout the year. The category Top Social Artist of the year was entirely based on the votes of the fans.

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If you missed watching the awards ceremony, you can watch clips of it as well as the atmosphere pictures of the ceremony in the JOOX Music Application, here!

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