Non-Stop OTT Entertainment: New Shows and Movies to Stream this Weekend

Non-Stop OTT Entertainment: New Shows and Movies to Stream this Weekend
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This weekend will be full of non-stop entertainment on OTT. Yes.. not one.. not two.. 10 shows together with movies and web series are waiting for you. Let’s see what they are in these details.
Adhura: Adhura is a web series based on horror and suspense thriller. The strange behavior of a 10-year-old boy who comes to study in Nilgiri Valley School takes the film back to the past. A look at the recently released trailer of Athura makes it clear that this story revolving around souls will be thrilling for horror lovers. This web series will be released on Amazon Prime Video from July 7. It has total 7 episodes.
Sweet Karam Koffee: As for the plot of this web series which was released on July 6th on Amazon Prime Video. This is a story about the experiences they faced during that journey. Senior actress Lakshmi, Madhubala and Shanti Balachandran played the lead roles. There are total 8 episodes in this web series.
IB 71 : This is a movie based on the 1971 Indo-Pakistan war. Bollywood actor Vidyut Jamwal has done a double role. The story revolves around spies during the Indo-Pak war. It stars Jam Wall as an Intelligence Bureau agent. It is understood that the mystery of the grave in the Indo-Pak War was chosen as the main theme. IB 71 will release on July 7 on Disney Plus Hotstar.
Shub Yatra : Shub Yatra takes you to a world of laughter. This is a Gujarati based story. The plot is about what two Gujaratis who dream of going to America did for that and the problems they faced with illegal immigration. In between, Monal Gajjar makes an entry in the role of a reporter who does not know what real fear is. Being a very familiar face to Telugu people, the Telugu audience will easily connect with the character of Monal. Shubh Yatra released on 6th July on Shemarumi OTT platform.
Farana: A middle class mother named Farana gets a job in a contact center with a strong desire to be the financial breadwinner of the family. Not stopping at that, she changes to another department in her job in the hope of earning more money. But from there Farana’s life takes a real turn. More money comes with more trouble. At one stage not only his life but also his family will be in danger. And how Farana got out of that trouble is the plot of Farana. Sony Liv will premiere on the OTT platform from July 7.
Fetal Seduction: Based on the story line of how lustful desires can take a man’s life, Fetal Seduction is interwoven with many interesting topics like love, lust, relationship secrets. If you want to know more about the story of Fetal Seduction, you have to watch this show which is coming to the audience on July 7 on Netflix.
Tarla : The story of this movie revolves around the rise of a woman named Tarla Dalal from a simple person to a famous chef in the country. Huma Qureshi played the role of Tarla Dalal. The movie will be released on popular OTT platform G5 on July 7.
Blind: Blind is going to release on July 7 in Jio movie. Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor will be seen in the role of an eyeless woman. The story revolves around criminal investigation and will appeal to audiences who love suspense and thriller stories.

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