The Official Trailer of ‘Love Alarm’ Season 2 is Finally Here

The Official Trailer of ‘Love Alarm’ Season 2 is Finally Here

Netflix hit Korean drama series Love Alarm just dropped the new trailer for its upcoming and the most anticipated second season today.

The popular drama  Love Alarm is a romance drama with leading roles of Kim So Hyun as Jo Jo, Song Kang and Jung Ga Ram as Hye-Yeong set in an alternate reality where people discover love, or if someone likes them through an application that notifies users whether someone within the vicinity of a 10-meter radius has any romantic feelings for them. The first season of drama follows the story of Jo Jo, Hye-Yeong and Song Kang as they experience their first love and are in a complicated love triangle.

The season ends with a cliff-hanger as Jo finds herself caught between her relationship with Hye-Yeong and her complicated feelings for Sun-oh, a handsome model who has had feelings for her since the first season.

The second season trailer that the fans were eagerly waiting for drops hints on where the relationship between three is going turn, who will Jo Jo choose between the two. The trailer opens with Jo Jo and Hye Yeong bond happily with one another in a relationship as they spend quality time together. But Jo Jo is still confused about her feelings and refuse to admit in front of Hye Yeong that her Love Alarm only rings for Song Kang. She is in a perpetual dilemma between love versus friendship as she continues to bury her real feelings so as not to hurt Hye Yeong. But Sung Kang doesn’t give her a chance and kisses her in the trailer. The trailer ends with Jo Jo asking who does she like.

 Season 2 of love Alarm bringing back Kim So Hyun, Sang Kang and Jung Ga Ram will premiere worldwide on Netflix on March 12. The first season is available on Netflix right now for you to watch till as you wait for season 2.  

So, will you be binge watching the whole series as soon as possible?

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