What is the Normal Resting Heart Rate for Women

What is the Normal Resting Heart Rate for Women
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A typical resting heart rate for anyone is usually between 60 and 100 beats per minute (bpm). This number can fall closer to 40 bpm for those who are quite active and in excellent shape. Among people who wear WHOOP, the average resting heart rate for women is 58.8 bpm.Some factors that can affect your resting heart rate are:

  • Age: As you get older, your resting heart rate tends to increase slightly.
  • Fitness level: People who exercise regularly tend to have lower resting heart rates than those who are sedentary.
  • Body size: People who are overweight or obese may have higher resting heart rates than those who are leaner.
  • Medications: Some drugs, such as beta blockers, can lower your resting heart rate, while others, such as stimulants, can raise it.
  • Emotions: Stress, anxiety, fear, and excitement can cause your heart to beat faster or slower.
  • Temperature: Hot or cold weather can affect your blood vessels and heart rate1.

To measure your resting heart rate accurately, you should be at rest for at least five minutes and avoid any factors that can alter your heart rate. You can use a device such as a smartwatch, a chest strap, or a finger sensor to monitor your heart rate, or you can manually count your pulse by placing two fingers on your wrist or neck and counting the number of beats in one minute.A normal resting heart rate for women indicates that your heart is working efficiently and that you have a good level of cardiovascular fitness. However, if your resting heart rate is too high or too low, it may signal a problem with your heart or other health conditions. If you have any concerns about your resting heart rate, you should consult your doctor for further evaluation and advice.

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