All You Need To Know About AESPA and its Member

All You Need To Know About AESPA and its Member

Aespa, a South Korean girls group that was formed in the year 2020 by SM Entertainment. The group debuted on November 17th, 2020 with the release of their debut song Black Mamba which was a huge hit song, and actually, it gave recognization and success to the AESPA group. Only after 7 months of its official release, it has 160 million views on YouTube. The group won numerous Rookie and Debut Awards after their arrival in the k-pop era. The Asian Pop Music Award, New Artist of the Year Award, Seoul Music awards were won by them.

On their debut there hit song was ranked number 5 in the US World Song Sales. Their second song FOREVER was also at the number 11 position in the World Song Sale as well. Their third and latest song was also a huge hit, it ranked number 2 on the Gaon Music Chart, it was a huge hit in Japan and also it was on number 65 at Billboard 200.

The group consists of 4 members :


Birth name, Yu Ji-min. Born in the year 2000 Karina is the leader main dancer and face of the group. Before making her debut per Karina appeared in a music video called WANT in the year 2019 with singer and songwriter Taemin. She has also performed for a virtual showcase which was held by Hyundai Motors. Karina’s favorite girl’s group is Girl’s Generation she also believes that they are the role models.


Giselle was born in the year 2000. She is a Japanese-Korean rapper and singer in the group AESPA formed by SM Entertainment. She has been assigned the role of the main rapper of the group. Apart from being a Rapper, she is a well-trained guitar player. She is fluent in English and is a huge fan of BLACKPINK and GOT7. When she was auditioned by the SM entertainment she was given the song Cherry Bomb by NCT 127 to perform.


Winter is 20 years old and is the second-youngest member of the group. She made her debut with the AESPA group in the year 2020. In the group, she is the lead vocalist. She was the first member which was revealed by SM entertainment. On December 6 2020 She was among the artist who performed for BoA, for her 20 years of career tribute at the Asian music awards. Winter was also nominated for the 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2020.


She is the youngest member of the group. She is originally a Chinese singer and in AESPA she is the main Vocalist and Maknae of the group. She has participated in many shows and web shows such as Let’s sing kids 3 where she was a contestant and also in a web show named MY SMT in the year 2016. Her favorite group is NCT, along with winter she was also nominated for the 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2020.

AESPA recently appeared in their music video named “NEXT LEVEL” which was also well praised all around the world.

All Image Source: AESPA’s official Twitter page.

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