ATTRAKT CEO Reveals Exciting Plans for FIFTY FIFTY After Recent Legal Victory

ATTRAKT CEO Reveals Exciting Plans for FIFTY FIFTY After Recent Legal Victory
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FIFTY FIFTY’s Lawsuit against ATTRAKT Ends in Favor of Agency In a legal blow to K-pop girl group FIFTY FIFTY, the court dismissed their lawsuit against their management company, ATTRAKT. The judge ruled that the evidence provided by FIFTY FIFTY fell short in proving contract violations related to financial disclosures and member well-being.

The group’s legal representatives from Barun are currently deliberating the possibility of filing an appeal.The legal dispute originated on June 28 when FIFTY FIFTY sought an injunction to terminate their exclusive contracts, citing external pressures allegedly attempting to buy out the group. Over the past months, allegations have flown back and forth between FIFTY FIFTY, their families, and ATTRAKT’s CEO.

The group’s main argument revolved around ATTRAKT’s purported self-serving decisions leading to a breakdown of trust. Instances of unpaid earnings and alleged mistreatment were pointed out.Despite attempts at negotiation between the group’s parents and ATTRAKT’s legal team, common ground proved elusive, prolonging the trial and fueling public accusations.

The court’s recent ruling leaves FIFTY FIFTY bound by their contractual obligations to ATTRAKT, although the possibility of an appeal is on the table. As of now, neither party has issued any statements regarding the future status of the group within the company.

Introducing FIFTY FIFTY

FIFTY FIFTY, comprised of members Sio, Saena, Aran, and Keena, emerged under the guidance of ATTRAKT. Their debut took place in November 2022 with the release of their EP titled ‘The Fifty’. The group shot to stardom fueled by their viral hit ‘Cupid’. Among their recent achievements is a collaborative effort with Kaliii, contributing the track ‘Barbie Dreams’ to Greta Gerwig’s latest film ‘Barbie’.

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