Best Solo Songs By BTS Members You shouldn’t Miss

Best Solo Songs By BTS Members You shouldn’t Miss
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The world’s biggest band BTS is a phenomenon when it comes to producing music. Together the members, Jungkook, Jin, Jimin, V, Suga, J-hope, and RM have the power to create chart-topping hits that are still continued to reach heights. They have already created masterpieces like ‘Boy With Love’, ‘Dynamite’, ‘DNA’, ‘Butter’, ‘IDOl’, and many more.

All the members of BTS pour their love, creativity, talent, and hardship into making the songs. Each of them is a talented and accomplished artist on their own and has produced their own solo masterpieces which shows their individual talents.

Here’s a list of Solos by the talented BTS members you shouldn’t miss out on

Daydream By J-Hope

The sunshine of BTS, J-hope released this upbeat and bright song Daydream which totally matches his personality and character. Full of colors, fun, happiness, and creativity, it’s impossible not to smile while listening to this song. It will make your day.

Serendipity by Jimin

We can see the outstanding vocals of Jimin through this song. Serendipity is a love song about the serendipitous connection of two people. This bewitching song by Jimin just makes you lost in the beautiful melody and meaning behind the words.

Euphoria By Jungkook

Euphoria sung by the golden maknae and the main vocalist, Jungkook is one of his solo releases which broke many records and he became the longest-charting solo K-Pop artist on the Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart. This song even peaked at No. 2 on the billboards charts. Its popularity was proven when it stayed for 69 weeks on world digital songs sales charts.

It always bring joy and happiness while listening to the dreamy voice of Jungkook losing yourself in this song.

Daechwita by Agust D (Suga)

Daechwita is a by the BTS member Suga, who is also known by his pseudonym name August D. The Lead rapper of this group just killed this solo song with his powerful rap tracks. Daechwita is traditional marching music played at the time of a King’s arrival. And you will fall in love with it after listening to this beautiful and powerful song by Suga’s alter ego Agust D.

Stigma by V or Taehyung

“Stigma,” written and composed by V, the lead vocalist of the BTS is the record-breaking song from their 2016 wings tour. This solo song of V is so soulful and passionate with Taehyung’s deep, sultry, and vocals just make it so powerful yet dreamy.

Lie by Jimin

Truly a heart-touching solo song By Jimin, the lead dancer, and vocalist of BTS. This unique song is dark and hunting as it speaks about a man who is torn between the two sides of his soul in a dark and bleak situation. This powerful song is totally the opposite of Serendipity in its meaning and tone.

Epiphany By Kim Seokjin

The deep, impactful, and sweet lyrics of the song Epiphany are bound to touch your heart. The vocalist and oldest member of BTS Jin touch the heart of the listener with this song of self-love and self-worth.

Forever Rain by RM

The slow-paced song by the leader of BTS, RM. Written and sung by RM, the MV and Song are from his second Mixtape Mono. The lyrics are earnest and soulful talking about the difficulties, depression and sadness. and the MV is just perfect, a piece of art along with the song.

Here a list of some of the most beautiful solo tracks by the BTS members. Which one is your favorite one?

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