Best Solo Songs from Baekhyun

Best Solo Songs from Baekhyun

Baekhyun is a South Korean singer, actor, and songwriter. He trained nearly for 1 year under SM entertainment, until making his debut in the year 2011 as a member of the Chinese South Korean k-pop boys group known as EXO. Apart from this, he is also the leader of the South Korean supergroup called SUPER M.

Baekhyun started his solo career in the year 2019 with the release of his first extended play City Lights. The play was a huge hit selling more than half a million copies in a year becoming the best-selling album by a solo artist in South Korea.

Baekhyun has got a lot of global success since starting his solo career, people called him GENIUS IDOL and his voice has been defined as Soaring.


This is most probably the greatest one of Baekhyun’s career so far after this song only he became a k-pop King. The song had his mature voice which made the song even more beautiful. The song was described with groove beats and strings sound. The song is all about a couple sharing a romantic movement under Moonlight of UN village.


The song was released in the year 2010 and actually was recorded for a Korean drama named Dr. Romantic 2. The song was on number 17 on the South Korean Gaon digital chart. The song is a romantic song that shows couples magical and beautiful moments.


The song was recorded by South Korean singer Baekhyun for a television series called Hyena. The song was released in the year 2020 and it is all about hoping that someone will understand someone’s special feelings for them. The song was at 76 number on the Gaon Digital Chart.


Candy generally received positive reviews from the music critics. They praised the production and sound of the music. The song debut at number 4 on the Gaon Digital Chart. Candy was described as a trendy song and it is a hybrid of pop songs. The lyrics of the song are witty and playful. Beakhyun explains that the song offers relaxation to the listeners which is why we choose to sing this song.


It was initially the first was when his vocal voice was preferred became popular and really Shine through the k-pop music industry. The song was never promoted on anything but still, it managed to be at number 4 on the Billboard US world song chart.


The song shows him singing the track with the live band. The song is all about a lover expressing his emotion and feeling of love to an amusement park’s colorful landscape.


It was his debut Japanese solo Mini album which was released on January 20, 2021. The song shows A man was fallen in love with someone and he is trying to express his feeling, the singer plays a Love Guru who offers love advice to everyone.


Two of NCT and one of Exo’s best vocalists decided to collaborate on a romantic song called doll. The guys portray the pain of love in the music video Doll with the show all love story of a couple who share feelings. The Doll is Baekhyun’s best romantic song to date.

Tell us about your favorite Baekhyun’s solo song.

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