Best TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT) Songs Of All time

Best TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT) Songs Of All time

TXT, also known as TOMORROW X TOGETHER debuted in 2019 with EP the Dream Chapter: Star and was the highest-charting debut album by any male K-pop group. They became an instant hit with their high-rated albums and tracks. The five-member group is aiming to become the next global breakthrough K-pop artist. The Big Hit Entertainment’s K-pop boy group is relatively new and they have already made name for themselves, even have 4 tracks enter Billboards ranking.

The group has already released three studio albums, three extended albums and 12 singles. Here’s a list of their top 10 songs of all time.

Cat & Dog

“Cat & Dog” became one of the most popular songs on TXT’s debut album in 2019. They even released an English version of the song with MV. The Music video has 81M views now. This adorable song just touched the hearts of listeners.


“CROWN” was TXT’s first single, which showed off their multi-talented members right from the start. It has 139M views on YouTube. The lyrics of the song are themed with self-love, fitting for the groups’ name.

Blue Hour

Blue Hour is the lead single of their album Minisode 1: Blue Hour, which has 107M views. The meaning of the songis wanting to stay inside imagination which is magical instead of reality.

Run Away (9 and Three Quarters)

“9 and Three Quarters (Run Away)” was the lead single off the group’s second album The Dream Chapter: Magic. It got inspiration from Harry’s potter series, with the meaning of wanting to run away from reality. It has 85M views on YouTube.

Angel Or Devil

A popular pop song with a more toned-down theme, the music video of angel or devil is more focused on the choreography. The black and white themed video with members dancing in a white room.

Can’t you see me?

A single form the third album, The Dream Chapter: Eternity of TXT.  The popular and trendy pop track can be described as the fragility and confused moments between the friends and their friendship. The MV of this song has over 55M views.


The newest addition to their outstanding music. This disco-pop song with upbeat music is their first-ever full English song. The music video has a sci-fi theme.

0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You)

This new track by TXT garnered a lot of attention. It a collaboration with Seori. The producers Slow Rabbit and “hitman” bang and even BTS member RM had a hand in co-writing the lyrics.

Here’s a list of all popular songs from TXT which are a must for your playlist. Which one is your favorite?

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