BLACKPINK Jisoo’s New Acting Role Faces Swift Criticism from Fans

BLACKPINK Jisoo’s New Acting Role Faces Swift Criticism from Fans
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BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, renowned as the group’s lead vocalist and visual, has been presented with a fresh acting opportunity in the upcoming zombie thriller drama, “Influenza.” Nonetheless, the announcement has spurred a diverse array of responses from both fervent fans and online communities. Among the commentary are concerns regarding Jisoo’s acting prowess and suitability for the chosen genre.

Sources from YTN Star1 reveal that discussions are underway for Jisoo to assume the central role of Young Joo in the drama. Young Joo is depicted as a woman who navigates a zombie-ravaged world and reconnects with her former boyfriend, a soldier. The storyline is based on a novel bearing the same title and is set against the backdrop of a Seoul air-defense building. Notably, the male lead role has been extended to Park Jung Min, a critically acclaimed actor renowned for his roles in movies like “Svaha: The Sixth Finger” and “Time to Hunt.”

Jisoo’s initial foray into acting took place in 2021 through her participation in the JTBC drama “Snowdrop.” In this series, she portrayed a university student entangled in a romance with a North Korean spy during the 1987 democracy movement. The drama, penned by Yoo Hyun Mi and helmed by director Jo Hyun Tak, the creative duo behind the successful show “SKY Castle,” encountered a series of controversies and critiques both before and after its airing. These included allegations of historical distortion, glorification of North Korea, and insensitivity toward victims of the military dictatorship.

The response to Jisoo’s potential new acting venture has been multifaceted. A faction of fans and online users has conveyed enthusiasm and unwavering support for her, expressing anticipation at witnessing her artistic evolution across different genres and her daring to challenge herself as an actress. Admirers also lauded her aesthetic appeal, magnetic presence, and the potential for growth in her acting prowess.

In contrast, another segment of fans and netizens remained subdued in their reactions, contending that Jisoo’s acting skills are subpar and advocating for a greater focus on her singing career. Detractors pointed out perceived incongruities between her vocal qualities and the demands of acting, even voicing apprehensions about her potentially detracting from the drama’s quality. Some went so far as to suggest her rejection of the role, favoring a more accomplished actor.

As of now, Jisoo’s involvement in “Influenza” remains unconfirmed, and the drama is slated for a 2024 release. Simultaneously, her plate is brimming with commitments as a BLACKPINK member. The group recently concluded their globe-trotting tour, “Born Pink,” on August 30, 2023. Further, the ensemble is gearing up for their imminent comeback, rumored to unfold in October 2023.”

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