BLACKPINK Jisoo’s Snowdrop controversy | Park Soo-hong got scammed of $9 million

BLACKPINK Jisoo’s Snowdrop controversy | Park Soo-hong got scammed of $9 million
Jisoo’s New Drama Snowdrop Controversies

The upcoming and awaited series Snowdrop, starring BLACKPINK’s Jisoo and actor Jung Hae-in has become the latest K-drama to face controversy over allegedly historical inaccuracies. Though the drama has not aired yet, the plot and character descriptions were leaked causing outrage and even online petition to stop production. This petition has already gotten more than 150,000 signatures.

“Snowdrop” was scheduled to release in the latter half of this year and was set in the middle of political turbulence of Seoul in 1987. From the leaked details some have deduced that the story revolves around a North Korean Spy and the South Korean pro-democracy movement in the 1980s.

Critics mentioned that North Koreans had no influence on this pro-democracy movement ensuing controversies and demanded the show be cancelled. The Broadcaster JTBC has denied the claim of this drama glorifying North Korean spies and national intelligence agency. They issued a detailed statement saying, the controversies started from the fragmented information has been nothing but falsities added to the actual plot to make false information seem true.

According to the broadcaster, this is a romantic drama set during the presidential election, which is a pivotal point in South Korean history. There will be no involvement of the main characters in the pro-democracy movement. There was another controversy about the character’s name of Jisoo, Eun Young-cho, which is similar to Chun Young-cho who was a prominent pro-democratic activist. JTBC clarified the character was not based on the real-life figure and that the name will be changed.

Park Soo-hong got scammed of his life’s learning

Park Soo-hong is a comedian with a long running television career and he was also a presenter during many award shows. He has recently confirmed the rumors about his older brother stealing his life long earned savings. This news has broken hearts of many all over the country, his supporters or not. These rumors have started when an anonymous person has commented on one of Park Soo-hung’s YouTube Video claiming Park Soo-hong was scammed out of 9 million USD by his older brother for the past 30 years.

Park Soo-hong has confirmed the same over his Instagram post. It was said his older brother used to manage the one-man agency that Park has worked all these years. After pretending to manage the profits earned by Park Soo-hung through other activities like broadcasting and advertising etc. The legal representative of Park Soo-hong has given a statement to convey his client’s position in the embezzlement by Park Soo-hong’s older brother and his spouse.

In the statement he mentioned the promised distribution of the profits in the ratio of 7:3 between the brothers and how he found strong evidence against Park Soo-hong’s brother using the company’s credit card for his personal uses. There were also strong evidence of embezzlement as there were withdrawals made of funds from company for personal uses. He confirmed a new corporation was opened under Park Soo-hong’s brother’s name in January 2020.

Park Soo-hong has said he tried to reach to his brother for days without success. When this news broke out, many of entertainment figures and even ordinary people have reached out to the comedian and telling heart-warming stories of his kind acts done for the society and everyone around him.

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