BTS’s “Butter” ain’t gonna melt easily, tops Billboard Hot 100 for the fifth week

BTS’s “Butter” ain’t gonna melt easily, tops Billboard Hot 100 for the fifth week

The BTS has created history again with Butte rjust after its release as it continued to stay on Billboard hot 100 charts for the fifth consecutive week, it made history because it became the longest-running song at Billboard hundred history, it was a 23-year-old record of Aerosmith which the BTS boys broke.

Butter was the song recorded by the most popular k-pop band BTS which was released on YouTube on May 21, 2020. It was BTS’s second English language single track.

Music critics described it as a dance-pop song with memorable hook steps. Just like Dynamite, Butter is also a very energetic song and may be described as the song of the summer.

The song opened with a black and white theme video and then shows a theme where all the BTS boys are going to jail. The concept was charging them guilty because they stole their Army’s heart.

The song was downloaded by 100000 people in each of its five weeks only songs to do after the release of Despacito ft. Justin Bieber in the year 2017.

BTS member Jimin said that the goal while making the title was “It should be easy to listen” but later Korean media described the song as a cute confession of romantic love.

When asked to the BTS boys about which was their favorite part in the song? The BTS boys revealed ” that smooth like butter like a criminal on the cover” is their favorite part of the song.

Billboard tweeted about the “Butter” song being on the top for the fifth consecutive week.

BTS boys also tweeted and thanked their BTS Army for the love they gave to the song.

The butter song also topped both the Billboard Global 200 and Billboard Global Ex. U.S chart as well. The song Butter has currently 406 million views on YouTube.

Image source : BTS fb official page

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