Ed Sheeran and BTS collaborating again, confirmed by Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran and BTS collaborating again, confirmed by Ed Sheeran

Recently replying to a fan’s questions on an Instagram story Ed Sheeran gave a spoiler about his upcoming projects and collaborations. While answering his fan Ed Sheeran confirmed that he is going to collaborate with BTS again for a song named “Permission to Dance”.

Actually, Ed Sheeran returned after a 10-month hiatus with the song “Bad Habits” which was released on June 25.

To promote the song he appeared live on Instagram and while replying to his fan’s question, he revealed that he has recently written a song for BTS. And this will mark the second collaboration between Sheeran and BTS.

Ed Sheeran stated “I have actually worked with BTS on their last record and I have just wait for another song for their new record and they are like super cool guys as well he said. After the super hit song “Make it Right” it will be a second collaboration between BTS and Ed Sheeran.

Also while wrapping up 2021 MUSTER SOWOOZOO Day 2, BTS members teased BTS Army with some breaking news which was unveiling of Butter CD single which will be released on by BTS Army birthday 9th July along with the song which is ruling the Billboard for the past 5 weeks in a row the CD will also include a new title track which will make your heart filled with some positive energy.

After Sheeran spoilt the much-awaited collaboration news, The Big Hit music and BTS label also confirmed the rumor that it is true that Sheeran is participating in BTS’s new song via a tweet.

Tell us about your excitement level after hearing this news.

Image source : BTS official Twitter

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