Famous K-Pop bands around the world

Famous K-Pop bands around the world

The South Korean K-pop bands have been breaking the internet because they have a very good taste of music. Their music are catchy, full of energy and fun loving and also they hard with the hook steps which creates a magic in there music. The K-pop music has become a global phenomenon and also the k-pop bands have been traveling all around the globe and collaborating with international stars which is making their K-pop music even more popular.

Here are some famous K-pop bands who have been ruling the global charts :


Started their journey in the year 2013 BTS became one of the most famous k-pop bands of around the globe. BTS have now fans all around the world and that is the reason that they have sold more albums last year than Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish and Ariana Grande. BTS become the first k-pop band to receive Grammy nominations for ‘Dynamite’ and now their every song tops the Billboard chart.


It is one of the newest k-pop band formed last year and features some of the Most iconic performers. There song “Jopping” was a huge hit and had almost around hundred million views on YouTube.


Blackpink is another usually successful k-pop bands all around the globe. Consisting of members named Jisso, Jenny, rose and Lisa they became the the first k-pop band to join YouTube billion view club, when there song Ddu-du Ddu-du was played more than a billion times. BLACKPINK have collaborated with some famous International stars such as Lady Gaga, Dua lipa, Selena Gomez and Cardi B.


This k-pop band’s music album definitely deserve to be on your playlist. They have topped multiple music charts breaking many music records. Monsta x bring some hip hop, amazing choreography and an energy in there song which attracts their audience. The vocals and the rap used in the song touches everyone’s heart.


The group was the first Korean-Chinese band. There of the most famous songs were “Mama” and “Xoxo”.


TWICE was formed by the JYP entertainment in the year 2015 and they made their debut with their album The Story Begins since then they have got worldwide recognization and popularity and that is why they are also being called the new “Nation’s girl group”.


The band has most number of albums topped no. 1 on the chart which received numerous awards for its soulful music, amazing choreography and worldwide popularity. The red velvet group was formed in the year 2014 by the SM entertainment mainly it consists 4 members. The word red velvet plays an important part in every of the song because most of their songs are theme based.


The everglow made their debut with their first album “arrival of everglow” since then they have been a successful band.

Tell us about your favorite k-pop band.

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