FANTASY BOYS Teaser Poster: Debut Album ‘NEW TOMORROW’ Revealed

FANTASY BOYS Teaser Poster: Debut Album ‘NEW TOMORROW’ Revealed
Image source: Twitter

FANTASY BOYS, the new boy group formed by the survival show “Fantasy Boys”, has released a teaser poster for their debut album “NEW TOMORROW”. The poster was unveiled on their official channel on August 30, 2023, sparking anticipation among fans across the globe.

The teaser poster showcases the FANTASY BOYS clad in athletic apparel atop a gym backdrop. Each member exhibits a relaxed demeanor, clutching a basketball as if taking a breather post-match. The image emanates a tantalizing glimpse into the group’s nuanced style and ethos.

FANTASY BOYS’ debut album “NEW TOMORROW” is set to hit the stands on September 21 at 6 PM KST. The album will showcase FANTASY BOYS’ musical versatility and charm, as they have proven in their previous works. The album will contain six tracks, including the title track “NEW TOMORROW”, which is a pop song that expresses FANTASY BOYS’ love and gratitude for their fans.

FANTASY BOYS is composed of 11 members: Kim Gyurae, Hong Seongmin, Oh Hyeontae, Lee Hanbin, Ling Qi, Kang Minseo, Hikari, K-Soul, Kim Wooseok, Hikaru, and Kaedan. They debuted in 2023 under PocketDol Studio and Zico’s KOZ Entertainment. They are known for their powerful vocals, rap skills, and dance performances. They are also recognized for their global appeal, as they have members from Korea, China, Japan, and the United States.

FANTASY BOYS’ debut album “NEW TOMORROW” is expected to be a hit, as they have already achieved several milestones such as winning music show awards, charting on Billboard, and selling over a million albums. With their new album, FANTASY BOYS hopes to deliver a message of hope and happiness to their fans and listeners.

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