From ARMY to BLINK, Top Fandoms of Popular K-pop Groups

From ARMY to BLINK, Top Fandoms of Popular K-pop Groups

From BTS to Blackpink and BIGBANG, these world-famous k-pop groups became well known not only because of their talents but also because of their millions of supportive and loyal fans. Kpop fans have played a major role in taking Kpop global. We have seen their loyalty playing a big part in helping the k-pop groups break records. Kpop fandoms are by far the most passionate.

Here’s a list of the top fandoms of the popular K-pop groups who have stood by their side for years loyally.


The official Fandom name of BTS, which was established in July 2013. The name ARMY stands for Adorable Representative MC for You. ARMY is the world’s biggest fandom of any music group. The light stick of ARMY is called the ARMY bomb.


The official fandom name of BLACKPINK. Blink is a combination of the two words Black and Pink from the group’s name. It was established in November 2016, as the group member came up with it and posted it on Instagram.

Exo-L of EXO

Exo-L is the official fandom name of Exo. Its stands for Exo, the group’s name with L meaning love. The fandom was established in August 2014. The light stick for EXO, called “Pharynx”, has 12 different colors representing 12 members.

Once – Twice

The official fandom of Twice is Once. With good wordplay, the meaning is if you love us even once, we’ll repay you with Twice the love. It was announced on Instagram in November 2015. The lightstick is in the design of the lollipop. Korean and international fans have different variations to their fandom name, Once Candy and Once Jelly.


The official fandom name of the popular group BIGBANG. They have one of the biggest fandoms in the world with how they have had a lot of world tours. “V.I.P” stands for “very important person” as it shows how important the fans are for k-pop groups.

Ahgase – GOT7 

Ahgase is the official fandom name for GOT7. The meaning of the word is a baby bird in the Korean language. It was announced in 2014, as the bird was the inspiration for the group’s official lightstick.

Shawol – SHINee    

Shawol is the official fandom name of SHINee. It is a combination of the world SHINee and world from their album shine world.  SHINee’s official lightstick is called ‘Shating Star’, which looks like a shooting star.

ReveLuv – Red Velvet

The official fandom name of the Red Velvet. The ReVe in the fandom name stands for the first two letters of Red and Velvet. And it also means dreams. So the fans make Red Velvet’s dreams come true.

STAY – Straykids 

STAY is the official fandom for Stray Kids. One of the supportive and positive fans. Stay come from Stray without the r. And R means reason. It basically means the fans are the reason where they are.


The rookies of the k-pop, Their fandom is called MOA, It stands for “Moments of Alwaysness”. According to the TXT, it has two meanings, “Each every moment shared by TXT and our fans, always and forever” “TXT and our fans gathering together each fragment of our dreams to complete our own, one dream”.

Here’s a list of the top fandoms of the popular K-pop groups, Which K-pop group do you support?

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