How ITZY Members Yeji, Ryunjin, Yuna, Chaeryeong, and Lia were Discovered and Selected

How ITZY Members Yeji, Ryunjin, Yuna, Chaeryeong, and Lia were Discovered and Selected

ITZY is a South Korean girls group which was formed by JYP Entertainment who also formed the most famous k-pop girl group known as TWICE. ITZY with 5 members in the group, made its official debut in the year 2019 with the release of the hit single album IT’Z DIFFERENT. Since making its official debut ITZY has won numerous awards in the new artist categories such as the Rookie of the Year award in the Golden Disc Awards, New Female Artist of the Year Award 2019 and, Mnet Asian Music Awards.

ITZY consists of 5 members named: Ryujin, Yeji, Lia, Chaeryeong, and Yuna.
And you might be curious about how these 5 members were discovered by JYP Entertainment.


Yeji is a dancer vocalist and rapper in the group, She is also the leader of the group. YEJI was discovered by JYP Entertainment in the year 2015 wherein her audition she performed on TWICE’s “LIKE OHH AHH!”. She got selected and trained with JYP entertainment for 3 years before making her official debut with ITZY. Also before her debut, she appeared in the Stray Kids survival show, She was also a contestant on SBS’s The Fan from which she gained a lot and a lot of popularity.


She is a rapper, dancer, and vocalist for ITZY. Ryunjin revealed that she was at the fan event of GOT 7 (another group which was also formed by JYP Entertainment), the company contacted her and asked her for the details and mobile number, from there she trained with the JYP for 4 years until making her official debut in the year 2019 for ITZY. Before making her official debut for ITZY she also appeared in BTS’s “LOVE YOURSELF” highlight reel with J-Hope and Jimin.


Yuna is the maknae of the group also she is a rapper, dancer, and vocalist in the group as well. She was discovered by JVP entertainment in the year 2015 when she and her sister at a musical event. As Yuna was roaming around in the event with her sister a woman came to her and gave her a business card and asked her to contact her. She contacted her and eventually went into the JYP entertainment and trained there for three years until making an official debut. Before that, she appeared in BTS’s “Love Yourself” highlight reel with BTS member Jungkook.


Lia is a vocalist and a rapper for the ITZY band. Before getting contacted by JYP entertainment she was training with SM entertainment when she was 14 years old but later left the company because of her parents. She felt regretted training with SM entertainment and failing to get signed by them. But now she is very happy being a member of ITZY. Lia is very fluent in English because she lived in Canada for a long time. She trained with JYP Entertainment for two years until making her official debut.


She is a dancer, rapper, and vocalist for the band. She is the longest trainee at the JYP Entertainment history, she trained with JYP for nearly five years before making an official debut. Before making her debut she was a contestant on JYP’s Sixteen when she was only 14 years old. That show was officially to form members for the JYP’s greatest creation TWICE, she was eliminated in the final. But later she became a member of ITZY in the year 2019.

All Image Source: ITZY’s Official Twitter

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