HYBE’s Dream Academy Audition: Get to Know the 20 Talented Global Contestants

HYBE’s Dream Academy Audition: Get to Know the 20 Talented Global Contestants
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HYBE’s Dream Academy Audition stands as a collaborative effort between HYBE Labels, renowned for managing K-pop sensations like BTS, and Geffen Records, a subsidiary under the Universal Music Group umbrella. The prime objective of this endeavor is to craft an unprecedented global girl group, fusing the excellence of K-pop techniques with Geffen’s adeptness in artist development.Named “The Debut: Dream Academy,” this audition initiative will be chronicled in an upcoming Netflix series, helmed by director Nadia Hallgren.

The series is set to premiere in 2024, offering an insider’s view into the journey of creating this unique musical ensemble.The selection process involved careful curation from a pool of over 120,000 entries spanning 12 different countries. Ultimately, 20 gifted contestants, aged between 14 and 21, emerged as finalists after receiving approximately a year of focused K-pop training through HYBE America.

Spanning a 12-week timeline, “The Debut: Dream Academy” will immerse these contestants in a sequence of survival challenges. The final verdict on who will make the cut to debut will be determined by global viewers, who can cast their votes through platforms like Weverse and TikTok. The climactic moment revealing the chosen members and the group’s name will unfold at the live finale on November 17th.

Here’s a look at the accomplished contestants in alphabetical order: Adela (19, Slovakia), Brooklyn (17, U.S.), Celeste (19, Argentina), Daniela (19, U.S.), Emily (17, U.S.), Ezrela (20, Australia), Hinari (14, Japan), Iliya (21, Belarus), Karlee (19, U.S.), Lara (17, U.S.), Lexie (19, Sweden), Manon (21, Switzerland), Marquise (17, Thailand), Megan (17, U.S.), Mei (17, Japan), Nayoung (21, South Korea), Samara (17, Brazil), Sophia (20, Philippines), Ua (15, Japan), and Yoonchae (15, South Korea).Enthusiasts eager to follow the unfolding of this journey can tune in via YouTube and Japan’s ABEMA starting from September 1st at 11 a.m. ET/8 a.m. PT.

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