Best Of Nissa Sabyan’s Soulful Songs

Best Of Nissa Sabyan’s Soulful Songs

Nissa Sabyan, an Indonesian singer who is in the group Sabyan Gambus, where she is a vocalist. Nissa is well known for singing cover songs with Salamat., which means Prophets prayer.

Her video clips have a million views on YouTube and her videos are always trending. Sabyan Gambus has gained public popularity among Islamic countries and the Muslim community because they often bring Islamic songs and Prophets Prayer singing in new styles.

Here are Nissa’s best songs :


The song was the best song dedicated to Prophet by his followers. The song says the followers are blessed being his followers. The song shows followers asking their life to be blessed by Lord. The lyrics of the songs says:

With your love, O My Lord
Bless this life
With your life, O My Lord Reconcile this death.


In the song, Deen Assalam Nissa Sabyan spreads positivity and peace with the lyrics of the song. The song says the whole world ain’t big enough for all of us if we live without tolerance. But if we live with love, although the world is small, we will live a happy life.


The song states He is the Light, He guides the perplexed, which means misguided people by his light. And in the ground of AL-HASHR, the Messengers remained in his banner. He received wisdom from the unseen and with that wisdom the sky is raining with mercy in all the west and east corners.


The cover song was sung was Nissa Sabyan, the lyrics of the songs states Help me the Most Merciful. Fill this heart with love from the Al-Quran, Lay my chest only for the Al-Quran. Survive my life with the Al-Quran, just for Allah so deep my desire Allah. Can I study the Quran starting with Bismillah?


This song was released in the year 2017, Dec 25. This song was Sabyan’s first song yo reach 100 million views on YouTube. Currently, the song has around 276 million views on YouTube. People believe this was the song through which Nissa Sabyan became known to the public.


This Arabic prayer was sung by Nissa Sabyan. Nissa looked so beautiful in the combination of blue and grey clothes. The song was depicted in the middle of nature, which made the song even cooler. The song successfully attracted 180 million views on YouTube.


In the song, Nissa collaborated with El ALice and Annisa. The song is the 6th song sung by Nissa Sabyan. The lyrics of the song are praise for the glory of the Prophet. The song was released in the year 2018, May 11 and it was well praised by the public as well with around 87 million views on YouTube.

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