Jihyo Solo Album: TWICE and SHINee Reflect on Challenges of Going Solo After Dorm Life

Jihyo Solo Album: TWICE and SHINee Reflect on Challenges of Going Solo After Dorm Life
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Jihyo, the accomplished leader of TWICE, is poised to take her first steps into the world of solo music with her highly anticipated mini-album titled “ZONE.” The album is set to be unveiled on August 18th at 1 p.m. KST, marking a significant milestone in her career. Following in the footsteps of Nayeon, Jihyo will be the second member of the beloved nine-member group to embark on a solo journey.

“ZONE” is a musical compilation that not only highlights Jihyo’s exceptional versatility and charm but also offers a glimpse into her distinctive artistic expression. Known for her individuality, Jihyo is associated with the color peach and has adopted the penguin as her representative animal. These symbolic elements were unveiled when she initially debuted with TWICE in 2015 through the vibrant track “Like OOH-AHH.”

Within the album, listeners can anticipate the presence of seven captivating tracks, with the title song “Killin’ Me Good” taking center stage. This pop-infused melody serves as an ode to Jihyo’s devoted fan base, expressing her deep-seated affection and appreciation. The teaser poster for the album tantalizingly captures Jihyo in a moment of touch-up, her gaze fixed on a rear-view mirror. Furthermore, the enigmatic teaser poster, previously adorned solely with the enigmatic phrase “Killin’ Me Good,” now reveals the identity of the hand on the steering wheel.

The teaser imagery is a visual feast, featuring a mosaic screen that partially conceals Jihyo’s countenance. The obscured fragments are adorned with an array of vibrant scenes, including floating candles, twinkling heart-shaped lights, shattered glass, and turbulent waves. This captivating collage offers a glimpse into the multifaceted nature of Jihyo’s artistic world.

Jihyo’s solo debut takes place following the renewal of contracts between her fellow TWICE members and JYP Entertainment earlier this year. While group endeavors remain a primary focus, the members also explored the prospect of showcasing their individual facets. Jihyo shared her perspective, revealing that while she never explicitly aspired to release a solo album, she always harbored a commitment to give her best when presented with such an opportunity.

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