List of Solo Tracks from BTS member Taehyung ( V )

List of Solo Tracks from BTS member Taehyung ( V )

Taehyung is also known as V. He is a South Korean singer-songwriter and actor. He is a well-known celebrity around the world as being a member of the famous South Korean k-pop boy’s band group BTS.

He has helped write some of the biggest hit songs like Run, Hold Me Tight, and Sigma. While he has many hits solo single songs as a BTS member and also he has a few of his own songs as well and his songs never fail to touch fans hearts here is the list of top solo songs from V :


It was the very first-time fans heard his soulful new voice independently in the BTS’s 20 16 album named Wings. The song is all about pain and suffering whenever they hear his voice with the lyrics “deeper and deeper the wound just gets deeper”. The songs really hit our hearts.


BTS love yourself became the group’s first billboard number 1 record. It is a beautiful song and perfectly shows the album’s dark concept. “A winter lake on which I was thrown away…:
The song has the deep voice of V which hits the cord of our hearts perfectly. Only after 15 hours of its release, the video managed to get 10 million views on YouTube.


This is a fan favorite track of V, the song was written and composed by wear and also the cover photo consisted V as well. The song is all about walking with someone in the park who is very special to him. V sweetly sings on top of the soft piano melody.


V absolutely melted our heart with the release of Winter Bear. This is a heartwarming musical video, people noticed V singing songs in English which was very impressive and also shows his dedication to his profession.


In Inner Child, V says the song is dedicated to his younger self, he says that due to the support of his BTS Army he has accomplished everything with the love of their Army, the song shows the struggles and the soulful lyrics by V and RM will definitely give you goosebumps.


V after singing the song I got worldwide recognized ration the lyrics and vocals of the song captured the heart of the fans and it went on to the top number one on iTunes chart in just 105 minutes making him the only artist with the most item number 1 songs in the iTunes history.


The song’s music composition and lyrics were done by V and his friend Peakboy. This is not like other Christmas song, it is a Christmas song with electric guitar vibes which attracts its viewers.


The song includes V and RM. The song where V talked about a friend for whom he is waiting in a park with the most beautiful things around him.


This song also features BTS member Jin. It was a huge hit and sold around 76000 copies and topped at number 8 on the US World Song Sales Chart.


It is a song where BTS’s V and Jimin celebrate their High School graduation, expressing feelings of the heart in the song.

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