NCT’s 10 Best Songs

NCT’s 10 Best Songs

NCT better known as Neo Culture technology is a South Korean K-pop boy’s band group that consists of 23 members as of April 2021. The members of the group range from their late teens to mid-teens and the group is divided into 4 sub-groups. They also have a unit based in the united states to grab control over American music, the name of the group is NCT-Hollywood.

And here is the list of NCT’s best songs.


This is one of the fan’s favorite NCT songs. The background score of the song is very catchy to our ears. The whole idea of the song is still a mystery to fans. The song is a hip-hop-oriented song that was well praised by the audience and music critics.


The song is very addictive and gets stuck into your mind, the lyrics of the song are so tempting that it forces you to feel and relate to the song.


The song is a hip-hop beat song that kills your boredom and makes you happy. The song means to its actual meaning, it is full of a ridin and rolling.


The most interesting thing about the song is the choreography. The song is a bop. The overall showcase in the video is very well scripted and is one of their best videos.


The song is one of the best songs from the vocal kings. At some point of time in the song, you are going to get some goosebumps feelings when you hear the lyrics of the song. The piano tune in the track is going to make you sentimental.


Everything in the song looks cute. The choreography performed in the song is what catches everyone’s peak attention. The boys and the song look very cute.


“She no longer needs me” this line gives a reality check to the people who have fallen in love and or suffering from the heartbreaking breakup. The member of the group Yuta doesn’t make an appearance in the song. But still, it manages to check worldwide attention.


The song is a bit of technology ish but the song is super cool and you are going to love it. The members of the group in the song were well praised for their looks and hairstyle.


The song was released in two languages Chinese and Korean and it featured three vocal kings and the song was super cool.


The theme of the song is dark and was well praised by the music critics and it is one of their underrated songs.

image source: NCT’s Official Twitter.

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