Netizens Stunned by New Military Pictures of Lee Do Hyun and Unveiling of His Real Name

Netizens Stunned by New Military Pictures of Lee Do Hyun and Unveiling of His Real Name
Image source: Twitter

Throughout his career journey so far, Lee Do Hyun has beautifully demonstrated his versatility as an actor through his roles in several popular K-Dramas, which include titles like “18 Again,” “The Good Bad Mother,” and the notable series “The Glory.” However, news surfaced at the beginning of this month that Lee Do Hyun would be embarking on a new chapter by enlisting in the military. His agency officially confirmed that he would commence his military service on August 14. Interestingly, unlike the typical practice of holding public events or ceremonies, the decision was made for the actor to have a private enlistment.

On the mentioned date, Lee Do Hyun began his military journey, starting with basic training at the recruits center. His service plan involves becoming a part of the military band for the Korean Air Force. Worth noting is that the actor chose not to organize any special events or gatherings on the day of his enlistment. This decision was rooted in the intention to maintain the solemnity of the enlistment process, recognizing that it’s a significant occasion not only for him but also for the other new recruits and their families.

In a spirit of respect for the shared experience of all the new recruits, fans were kindly urged to refrain from visiting the military base. Such a collective approach ensured that the atmosphere during the enlistment ceremony remains focused on the solemnity and importance of the event for everyone involved.

As of August 30, official photographs of Lee Do Hyun during his ongoing military service have been released. Among these images, there’s a candid snapshot where Lee Do Hyun and his fellow soldiers are captured in a more relaxed moment, playfully pointing at one of their companions. Additionally, another photograph showcases the actor in his military uniform, highlighting his dignified appearance while he diligently carries out his military duties as a member of the Korean Air Force’s military band.

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