RIIZE’s Seunghan Offers a Personal Apology for Past Relationship Controversy

RIIZE’s Seunghan Offers a Personal Apology for Past Relationship Controversy
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RIIZE’s Seunghan, a member of the new boy group under SM Entertainment and Zico’s KOZ Entertainment, has issued a personal apology for the controversy surrounding his past relationship. He posted his apology on RIIZE’s official Instagram account on August 18, 2023, after netizens revealed pictures of him and his ex-girlfriend in bed together.

In his apology, Seunghan expressed his regret and remorse for causing damage to his group and disappointing his members, company staff, and fans. He said that he was scared and anxious about the situation, which delayed his apology. He also said that he reflected on his past actions and that he would focus on RIIZE as his priority. He asked for forgiveness and understanding from the fans who have supported RIIZE.

RIIZE is a boy group that debuted in 2023 with the prologue single “Memories” and the first single album “Get A Guitar”. The group consists of seven members: Seunghan, Anton, Sohee, Hyeonjun, Jihwan, Joonhyuk, and Minjae. The group’s name means “a team that grows together and realizes dreams”. RIIZE has been attracting attention for their musical talent and global appeal, as they have members from Korea, Japan, China, and the United States.

However, RIIZE’s debut was overshadowed by the controversy involving Seunghan and his ex-girlfriend. Netizens claimed that Seunghan had cheated on his ex-girlfriend with another girl, and posted pictures of him and his ex-girlfriend kissing in bed as evidence. The pictures were allegedly taken from Seunghan’s ex-girlfriend’s Instagram account, which was hacked by netizens. The controversy sparked negative reactions from netizens and fans, who criticized Seunghan for his behavior and questioned his morality.

Following the controversy, Seunghan was absent from RIIZE’s scheduled activities, such as music shows and fan meetings. Some netizens speculated whether Seunghan would leave the group or not. However, SM Entertainment and KOZ Entertainment stated that Seunghan would remain in RIIZE and that they would take legal action against the malicious rumors and comments.

Seunghan’s personal apology is expected to calm down the controversy to some extent, but it is still unclear how it will affect RIIZE’s future activities and reputation. Fans hope that RIIZE will overcome this obstacle and continue to show their potential as a rising boy group in the K-pop industry.

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