‘TEMPEST’ Confirms Comeback for September: What Fans Can Expect

‘TEMPEST’ Confirms Comeback for September: What Fans Can Expect
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TEMPEST, the sensational rookie boy group under the banner of Yuehua Entertainment, is poised to illuminate the stage once again with their highly anticipated comeback. Bursting onto the scene in March 2022 with their debut mini album “It’s ME, It’s WE,” the group has now officially unveiled their plans to drop their second mini album titled “SHINING UP” on September 1st at 6 p.m. KST.

Generating waves of excitement among their devoted fandom, TEMPEST has been treating fans to a captivating array of concept photos, captivating posters, and an enticing highlight medley, offering a tantalizing glimpse into the sonic delights their upcoming album holds. The forthcoming mini album is set to encompass six scintillating tracks, headlined by the enthralling title track “Can’t Stop Shining.” This dance-infused pop anthem serves as an embodiment of the group’s boundless energy and fresh spirit as they continue to make their mark in the music world. The track’s lyrics brim with optimism, painting a vivid picture of a radiant future for both the individual and the collective “us.”

Notably, TEMPEST has also treated fans to a breathtaking reveal of their official logo via a captivating video presentation that introduces their exciting new era. The logo, a dynamic blend of a star-shaped emblem representing the group’s moniker and a circular motif symbolizing their unity and harmony, boasts a remarkable ability to transform its hues in accordance with the thematic essence of each album. This chameleon-like quality adds to the multifaceted image the group is known for.

Enthusiastic followers of TEMPEST are eagerly anticipating the group’s evolution since their initial debut, as well as their endearing and enchanting performances. TEMPEST initially gained attention with their debut single “Bad News,” a vivacious and infectious track that showcased their innate charisma and exceptional talents. Their sweet and charming “ending fairies” moments at the conclusion of their performances further endeared them to their audience, with each member adding a unique touch to these adorable moments.

TEMPEST’s impressive lineup comprises seven distinct talents: LEW (Lee Eui Woong), HanBin, HyeongSeop (Ahn Hyeong Seop), Hyuk, EunChan, HwaRang, and TaeRae. Emerging as one of the standout rookie groups of 2022, TEMPEST has fostered a dedicated following affectionately referred to as iE (pronounced as “eye”). Their artistic vision revolves around showcasing a kaleidoscope of musical shades and captivating charms through their performances.

The grand spectacle of TEMPEST’s comeback stage awaits on Mnet’s “MCountdown” on September 1st at 6 p.m. KST. Moreover, for an immersive experience of their enchanting comeback, make sure to catch their music video for “Can’t Stop Shining.” Brace yourself for TEMPEST’s radiant resurgence and ensure you don’t miss a moment of their triumphant return to the spotlight!

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