Top 10 Best Songs From IU, Queen Of K-pop

Top 10 Best Songs From IU, Queen Of K-pop

South Korean Singer, Actor, Songwriter Lee Ji-eun, also known as IU, is a soloist who has dominated the K-pop world for a decade now by giving a number of hit tracks. Breaking records, topping charts with her skills and talents, she has become popular. She is also named “Nation’s Little Sister.”

IU is not only popular in Korea but internationally as well. She has also acted in the popular drama Hotel Del Luna. She has written some of the most memorable and meaningful songs and has collaborated with many other artists.

Here’s a list of all of IU’s top memorable songs!


IU’s latest hit and come back with her fifth studio album LILAC. Lilac track of the same name is the lead single of the album. The title Lilac in the language of flowers means memories of youth. That’s the theme of the song. The MV of the track takes place inside a train with beautiful scenery, fights scenes, Cheerful montages, club scenes.


Released at the start of 2021, Celebrity is one of IU’s most popular songs. The MV shows IU playing as a celebrity in designer clothes as well as living a normal life as a person with a beautiful meaning telling that you are your own celebrity. This uplifting song has 89M views on YouTube.


One of the most unforgettable songs from her early days which helped her in getting new fans. Good Day topped the charts in Korea selling over 4.5 million copies. The lyrics of the song portray a girl who is in love yet too shy to confess her feelings, showing a girl’s crush in an honest way.


A pop-rock bright song, Bluming by IU became instantly popular after its releases. It secured the No.10 on US Billboard’s World Digital Songs chart and also topped the Goan charts of Korea. In the music video of this quirky and upbeat song, IU even has sported vibrant blue hair, showing that she is ‘Blooming’ in love, giving the perfect meaning to the song as


Bbibbi became one of the most popular songs of the year with breaking records and topping charts. The song was addressed to IU’s critiques and haters as a warning. Bbibbi refers to the beeping or warning sound when something or someone crosses a line, here in case IU’s haters.


Love Poem is IU’s lead single from her eighth EP in 2019. This ballad was written by IU to support loved ones who are going through hard times. Like all her other songs, this song topped the Korean charts as well, The queen of K-pop indeed.


Palette is composed and written by IU is her fourth album, in collaboration with G-dragon. The deep song refers to finding balance and acceptance in life. Palette became one of the most viewed K-pop MV by a female artist in 2017 on YouTube.


Eight is a digital single produced and composed by IU and BTS’s Suga released last year. The lyrics are inspired by both the artist’s life as they are both 28 and life is moving too fast. From childhood to adulthood.


Twenty is IU’s disco-inspired and satirical coming-of-age track. The song refers to the difficulties faced by the young adults in life, figuring out adulthood. It became one of IU’s famous songs soon after its release.


A quirky and calm song, Soulmate is a collaboration between the rapper Zico and IU. It secured the spot of No.1 on the Gaon Charts on release becoming popular.

These are some of the most popular songs from IU’s, our Nation’s Little Sister, playlist. Which one is your favorite one?

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