Top 10 Hit Songs of MAMAMOO

Top 10 Hit Songs of MAMAMOO

South Korean girls band group was found by the RBW group in the year 2014 the group has currently four members: Solar, Moonbyul, Wheein, and Hwasa. They made their debut in the year 2014 with their single song ” Mr. Ambiguous”.

The music critics define their debut as one of the best debuts from a k-pop group in the year 2014. They are recognized for their retro and jazz theme with their strong vocal performances.

Here is the list of top songs from MAMAMOO :


This was the song for which they made their iconic debut it has some retro theme and listeners were forced to hear this song for more than one time. Everyone liked the choreography and the lyrics of the song pretty much. The song says to be sure if a man is interested in you or not.


After getting a lot of recognization in the past few years this was a completely different tone used in the song which was quite opposite to their recent performances. The song was an old Hip-hop style song that changed the total theme of the song it was one of the best songs in the versatility of MAMAMOO.


It was a bright track released in summer which had some immense vocal quality in it it is a bluesy chorus. and the rap in the song was even much better in this song MAMAMOO show their best capability as a singer.


This was the song which made all of us Mamamoo fan. The personality and the dance step were a bit different from the other songs also the concept of the song was also much better it is honestly a very good song with some meaningful lyrics and no one can truly imagine disliking the video.


The song is from their famous album MELTING. It is a fun song that made us fall into a mood of dance and enjoyment.


All the girls were showed and poised very well in the video song loved how they were styled and all of them looked absolutely stunning in the song the choreography was also kind of poised choreography and people found it very entertaining. The music critic also praised the song well.


The song was released in the year 2014 and it feels like an old-time musical that has come to our present life. The song is all about the spirit of keys and harmony is to die for it is one of the biggest songs and it was well pressed by the music critics as well.


Another song of them which gave us a nostalgic feel the song is kind of a 90s beat and it gives us a Bubbly Vibe with brilliantly giving the responsibility to the girls in the song was very beautiful.


The song was released in the year 2016 and from this song, the Mamamoo went global. It has a loose building 70s Disco feel. The song was well pressed globally and in South Korea as well and was well praised by the music critics as well.


The song was released in the year 2016. The song has transformed into some Mid-tempo pop song that draws on the 90s feel. The sweet sound in the track was the most fascinating thing about the track.

image source: MAMAMOO’s official Twitter.

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