Top 10 Most Popular K-pop songs of 2021

Top 10 Most Popular K-pop songs of 2021

It’s already six months into 2021, and we have seen the popularity of K-pop rise like never before. From the upbeat summer song ‘Butter’ by BTS, the energetic pop song ‘Bicycle’ by Chung Ha to the sparkling summer song ‘Alcohol-Free’ by Twice, It’s been a great year so far with the hit songs coming after one another.

Here’s a list of the most popular K-pop tracks and albums from the first half of 2021. Top hits from your favorite K-pop groups to add to your playlists.

‘Butter’ by BTS

The chart popping summer anthem by BTS, Butter is smoother than anything. The record-breaking song is the second full English song by the group. And it is still breaking records even after 5 weeks of its release. Butter just topped the billboards Hot 100 for the fifth week. The song delivers a strong vocal performance of the group, shows off the individualistic talents and the skill of the BTS group.

Next Level by Aespa

The K-pop rookie girl group Aespa’s new song ‘Next Level was an instant hit, that it’s their second song to hit 100M views after ‘Black Mamba’. This is Aespa’s third song which features a futuristic and adventurous sci-fi theme. ‘Next Level’ is a catchy song, which is a remake of Aussie singer Aston’s 2019 of the same name.

On the Ground by Rosé

On the Ground is the first solo song of BLACKPINK’s vocalist Rosé. This much-awaited pop song describes the self-reflection and self-love in clean and beautiful vocals by Rosé. This song broke many records and has 194M views currently.

Celebrity by IU

The K-pop queen IU has shaken the Korean music charts again with her new track ‘Celebrity’. These beautiful and meaningful song describes everyone being their own celebrity, a love for their own individuality. Celebrity is a pop hit with its outstanding MV, beautiful wardrobe, uplifting message, and vocals.

Drunk-Dazed by Enhypen

The rookie K-pop boy group ENHYPEN made a comeback with a second EP Drunk-Dazed, a dance-rock song. The MV is full of a drunken night out party with a dark and mysterious ambiance. This catchy song, with perfect harmonizing of members, vocals, and hypnotizing choreography is the highlight of the music video.

Advice by Taemin

Advice by K-pop veteran and idol of SHINee group, Taemin, is the last song before he leaves for military enlistment. The beautiful but dark track with a stunning music video is mesmerizing, showing of his artistic talents. The costumes and the choreography are two of the main highlights of a Taemin song.

First by Everglow

Everglow, a popular K-pop girl group is known for its powerful performances made their comeback after eight months with this new EP First. The song ‘First’ is full of energy, catchy, and bombastic with its music and vocals showing off girl power.

‘Don’t Fight The Feeling’ by EXO

The legendary K-pop group Exo made their comeback extra special with this new track Don’t Fight The Feeling. On their ninth anniversary, the group released this special track which was a comeback of their member Lay after five years. The song becomes popular and has more than 68M views.

Bambi by Baekhyun

The member of K-pop group EXO, Baekhyun’s released this third solo EP Bambi, which is a gift to his fans before his military enlistments. The best-selling soloist and vocalist Baekhyun has made name for himself. With this solo, he expresses that he is becoming mature and shows his diversity and sensibility.

‘Bicycle’ by Chung Ha

The lead single of the popular K-pop star Chung Ha, Bicycle is an empowering track full of energy and talks about independence, power, and self-reliance. Part of her debt album Querencia, which dominated the Korean charts.

Here’s a list of all top songs of this year which are a must in your playlists. Which is your favorite track from this list?

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