Top 7 New K-Pop Bands

Top 7 New K-Pop Bands

We all know BTS and BLACKPINK are still dominating the k-pop industry. Since making their debut they have registered and broken many music records.

After BTS and BLACKPINK made their debut there were many k-pop groups who have also achieved massive success.
This clearly states the competition level in the k-pop world is booming, every week and month a new k-pop band is making its debut, gaining huge popularity and giving a tough competition to world-famous k-pop bands.

Here are 7 top k-pop band who achieved fame and success shortly after making their debut :


Debuted on 15 March 2021, with the song “Ponzona”. There are currently 7 members in the group. Although before making their official debut, the group released two pre-debut digital singles. The name of the group is derived from purple, it is believed purple is made from different colours and kiss means love, that is why the group is named Purple Kiss.


Azer is also a seven-girl member group. They officially made their debut on 4th March 2021, with their first single song named “ELEGANTE”. The song received positive reviews from the critics, and especially the choreography in that song was well praised.


The band was formed by DSP media in the year March 17, 2021. The group has also 7 members present. The group debuted with a song named “KILLA”. The name of the group is MIRAE with means “the future”.


They made their debut on March 15, 2021. With a hit single named ” I Like You”. The group was created by a South Korean singer named RAIN, under the label name R.A.I.N Company.


It is an 8 member group formed by the C9 entertainment. The group made their debut last month on June 8, 2021, with their debut song LOCKDOWN.


It is a girl group which was formed by TR and MELLOW Entertainment respectively. With their debut song ” DOOM DOOM TA”.The group currently has 7 members.
The group name is styled as TRI.BE which means “perfect existence”.


Kingdom made their official debut on 18 Feb 2021 with their debut song “EXCALIBUR”.
The group has currently 7 members. Since making their debut KINGDOM has released 2 mini albums

Image source : official facebook and twitter pages of band.

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