Top k-pop girls group you should know about

Top k-pop girls group you should know about

K-pop songs have developed internationally not only because of the k-pop boys group but also by the k-pop girls group. Now the whole world is aware of K-pop music and when we talk about its music the first name that clicks on our mind is BTS.

BTS has been the most successful k-pop group of all time but there are many more k-pop groups of girls who have also the same level of grace, soulful songs, amazing choreography, and international achievements just the same as BTS. You must have noticed that many of their songs and famous dance steps have been a TikTok trend at some point in time.

So let’s talk about the top 10 K-pop girls band all time :


The TWICE have gathered numerous records and awards since their debut. It is one of the most popular k-pop girl groups created in the year 2015 in a reality you named Sixteen, the group currently has nine members.

Korean media have named them “The Nations next Girl’s” because they have achieved a lot of success since making their debut.


RED VELVET made its debut in the year 2014 having 4 members: Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, and Joy, with their hit single song “Happiness” where their colorful hairstyles became a signature of the band.

RED VELVET has some famous songs such as Red flavor, Rookie and their latest song was “PSYCHO” which received a lot of appreciation from the fans because it had some stunning music and breathtaking choreography.


BLACKPINK is a Korean girl group that was formed in the year 2016. Their debut song was “Whistle” and Boombayah”. They recently completed their 5 years in k-pop music.

“How You Like That” broke many records and it was one of the most-viewed YouTube videos in 24 hours stated by the Guinness Book of World Records.


Aespa was formed recently in the year 2020 with their debut song “Black Mamba”. The media has defined “Aespa” as having a quite unique concept above all the South-Korean k-pop girls groups.

Aespa currently has 3 songs to their name and all of them have been a huge success and also have topped the music chart list for consecutive weeks.


It is a South Korean k-pop group was formed in the year 2019 JYP Entertainment making their official debut with their hit song “Dala Dala”. ITZY has 5 members and they are the only second girl group formed by JYP Entertainment after TWICE.

ITZY’s top 3 songs are Dala Dala, ICY, and Wannabe. ITZY has won some of the best highly appreciated Asian music awards.


They made their debut 2 years ago in the year 2019 with 6 members. Each member in the group has a special position in the group. The group is managed by a multinational talent agency from Beijing. From their very first album song “Arrival of Everglow,” the group got a lot of positive reviews from the music critics.


Also known as Girlfriend, the group has currently 6 members. Despite formed by a small group, music critics appreciated the amount of success they received from their Album songs. The band won many female rookie awards in the year 2015.


They were formed in the year 2014 and made their debut will the album “MELTING”. Mamamoo is known for its retro and jazz concepts. The band has currently 4 members in the group named Solar, Moonbyuk, Wheein, and Hawasa. Their debut song was considered one of the best debuts by the music critics.


They made their debut in the year 2012 and group has currently 5 talented members. Although they made their debut in 2012 with the song “HOLLA” they gained popularity with a hugely successful song named “Up and Down”.


The group is considered as one of the best k-pop units of all time. They made their debut in the year 2018 with a hit album song ” LIL TOUCH”. The song has currently 147 million views on YouTube.

Tell us something about your favorite k-pop girls group.

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