Top K-Pop Trailblazer’s Who Broke Into Billboard 100 Singles Chart

Top K-Pop Trailblazer’s Who Broke Into Billboard 100 Singles Chart

Billboard Hot 100 was introduced in the year 1958. It includes a list of songs that are popular in a radio play, single purchases, and online purchasing. The chart also includes songs that were hit in digital single charts, online streaming, and Youtube.


Billboard 100 said that BTS Butter is topping the hot hundred singles chart for the fifth week straight.
Butter on June 5 debuted at number one on the Billboard hundred chart and has retained the spot till now, first by any Asian act. The previous record was also held by the k-pop group when they were at the top of the Billboard 100 for four consecutive weeks.

Early in 2000 was very difficult for a Korean artist to at least be on the Billboard hundred chart. But nowadays it is very common the Billboard 100 chart.


Wonder Girls were the first Korean act to enter on the hot hundred. The 2009 English language version of their hit song Nobody reached number 76. After reaching the Billboard hundred JYP Entertainment said that they spent five years of preparation to have the group enter the US Billboard hundred. In 2009 after entering the list the band traveled with the Jonas Brothers in North America. The group also appeared in many American Radio Shows in Teen Choice Awards.


In the year 2019, they enter the Billboard hundred chart at number 41 with the song Kill This Love.
Last year, BLACKPINK climbed to no. 33 with their hit song “How You Like That”.
In September last year, their hit song ICE CREAM featuring American actor-singer Selena Gomez rank 13 the highest by a k-pop group girl. And only after that BLACKPINK was named the Queens of k-pop.
BLACKPINK is now the only k-pop girls group to top the hot Billboard hundred.


PSY is the artist who most likely introduced k-pop to the world. The rhythmic dance-pop with an easy-to-follow choreography Gangnam Style in the year 2012 became of global wiring sensation and its music video was once YouTube most-watched video of all time.
Gangnam Style stayed at the number 2 spot for straight 7 weeks than the number one spot was held by Maroon 5 One More Night which stayed there for nine consecutive weeks. A year later he entered again the chart this time at number five with his hit song Gentleman. In the year 2014, his song Hangover ft Snoop Dogg Ranked at number 26.


In the year 2016 CL became the first Korean female solo artist to enter on the Billboard hot 100 with her hit song LIFTED which was ranked at the 94th position.
CL has established herself well in the US her song was downloaded 5.2 million times. People call her now one of the hottest stars in the world right now.

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