TOZ Idol Group: Official Debut Date Confirmed & Get Ready for Their Grand Entrance

TOZ Idol Group: Official Debut Date Confirmed & Get Ready for Their Grand Entrance
Image source: Twitter

The wait is finally over for the fans of TOZ, a new Japanese boy group that is ready to take the K-pop scene by storm. TOZ, which stands for To Our Zone, is a four-member group under YY Entertainment that consists of Anthonny, Hart, Yuto, and Takuto. All of them are former contestants of Mnet’s survival show Boys Planet, where they showcased their talents and charms to the viewers.

TOZ has recently announced their official debut date, which is September 27, 2023. They will also hold a Japan debut showcase on September 23, 2023, to greet their fans and perform their songs live for the first time. Their debut album is titled FLARE, which signifies their passion and determination to shine brightly in the music industry.

TOZ has already gained a lot of attention and support from the public, especially from the fans of Boys Planet, who voted for them during the show. TOZ’s members have diverse backgrounds and skills that make them stand out from other groups. Anthonny is half Japanese and half Filipino, who can speak four languages and has a sweet voice. Hart is a multilingual dancer who can do ballet, tap dancing, and b-boying. Yuto is a fast eater who loves ice cream and musical animated movies. Takuto is the youngest member who can do backflips and has a cute face.

TOZ’s official accounts on Instagram and Twitter have already amassed thousands of followers, who are eagerly waiting for their debut. TOZ has also released some teaser photos and videos that showcase their visuals and concepts. TOZ’s fans, who are yet to be named, are already hyped up for their debut and are expecting great things from them.

TOZ is one of the most anticipated rookie groups of 2023, and they are ready to make their grand entrance into the K-pop world. With their talent, charisma, and hard work, they are sure to capture the hearts of many people and become one of the top groups in the industry. 

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