TRI.BE, A New K-Pop Sensation

TRI.BE, A New K-Pop Sensation

It is a South Korean girl group that was formed in the year 2021 by TR Entertainment and Universal Music Group. The group currently has 7 members named Songsun (Leader), Kelly, Jinha, Hyunbin, Soeun, and Mire. They made their album debut on February 2021 with their hit single album “ Da Loca”.

The group name is a combination of “tri” which means triangle, a symbol of perfection, and “be” which means existence or presence, and these two words state the meaning of the group as a perfect existence.

The Tribe currently has 2 music songs named “DOOM DOOM TA” and “RUB-A-DUM”.


The song was released on 17 Feb 2021. The song opens with a triangular light effect which is mainly the theme of the group. The group had some immense choreography and the triangular light always appears in the background whenever they dance. The song has been described as a crispy theme and erotic dance choreography. The length of the song around 3 minutes and 38 seconds. The song currently has 6.8 million views on YouTube.


The song was released on May 18, 2021. The song shows all the group members wearing colorful dresses and also it shows that it is a happy song. The song says Anyone who wants to go crazy comes along and plays with us, Come on run harder rub-a-dum dum”. The song was much more popular than “DOOM DOOM TA”. And was highly praised for the level of energy they put in the song. The duration of the song is 3 minutes and 32 seconds and has currently has 11 million views on YouTube.

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