TXT Members Guide: Tomorrow X Together Member Profile

TXT Members Guide: Tomorrow X Together Member Profile

TXT, a South Korean group was formed in the year 2019 by BigHit Music. Ever since making their debut in a span of 2 years, they have achieved a lot of success. Their debut album peaked at number one on the Gaon Album Chart and Billboard World Album Chart and also entered us Billboard 200 at number 140. Making them the only k-pop group with the highest number of charting on debut.

The group’s commercial success won them several new artists of the Year award including the Rookie of the Year Award, New Male Artist Award in 2019 as well.

And all have been possible because of the talented group members. Let’s look at the boys of the group :


He is the leader of the group and also is the Vocalist, Rapper, and Dancer. Soobin fans have always awarded him with different titles such as Flower Prince, Shy Flower Boy. Soobin was the second member of the group who was introduced by the Big Hit Music via their social media handles.


Although he is not the leader of the group YeonJun was the first member introduced by the Big Hit Music via their social media handles. Since then he is one of the important members of the group. Yeonjun is a rapper, dancer, and vocalist in the group.


He is the youngest member of the group at 18 years of age. He was the third member revealed by BigHit Music. Hueningkai’s job in the group is Maknae, Vocalist, Rapper, and a Dancer. Very few know, but he is a musical genius and can piano, guitar, drum and etc


He is the fourth member of the group. He has been called “Lovely” by his fans. Taehyun has specialties in football and swimming. In TXT, Taehyun is a vocalist, rapper, and dancer.


Beomgyu is 20 years old, and he was the fifth and last member of the group which was revealed by the company. Beomgyu is a vocalist, dancer, and rapper of the group. As similar to other group members Beomgyu was introduced in a teaser Video “What Do You Do?

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