VANNER Announces Exciting First Fan Concert Tour: VVS ADVENTURE

VANNER Announces Exciting First Fan Concert Tour: VVS ADVENTURE
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VANNER, the sensational K-Pop idol group that clinched victory in JTBC’s prestigious boy band competition program “Peak Time”, is gearing up to embark on an exhilarating fan concert tour spanning across various Asian destinations. Aptly titled the “VVS ADVENTURE”, this tour will kick off in the heart of Seoul and subsequently journey to Tokyo, Osaka, and Macau, where they eagerly await to connect with their ardent fans from around the world.

This upcoming fan concert tour marks a momentous occasion for both VANNER and their devoted fandom, known as VVS, which encapsulates the essence of “Veni, Vidi, Vici”. This Latin phrase, translating to “I came; I saw; I conquered”, perfectly encapsulates the group’s resolute determination and unyielding pursuit of their dreams. The theme of the tour is ingeniously centered around uncovering hidden enigmas within a school setting, an intriguing concept conceptualized by their agency, Klap Entertainment.

Set to unfold on the dates of October 14 and 15, the tour’s inaugural chapter will take place at Yonsei University’s Centennial Memorial Hall, a location imbued with poignant significance for VANNER. This very venue hosted their debut showcase back in 2019, making it an emotionally charged backdrop for their kickstart. During this leg, VANNER will regale the audience with tracks from their debut EP “Veni, Vidi, Vici”, which made its debut on August 21, alongside their repertoire of earlier singles and captivating covers.

Post their exhilarating Seoul performances, the tour is slated to journey onwards to Japan and Macau, destinations that harbor a fervent and unwavering fan base for VANNER. Having forged a dynamic presence in Japan even prior to their official debut, with a portfolio of over 200 live performances under their belt, VANNER has cemented their popularity among local enthusiasts. Their participation in the esteemed Macau International Music Festival in 2020 further solidified their reputation, receiving commendation and admiration from the gathered audience.

Comprising five exceptionally talented members—Taehwan, Gon, Hyeseong, Sunggook, and Yeonggwang—VANNER’s ascent began in 2019 with the single “Better Do Better”, gaining incremental recognition and applause with their triumphant win on “Peak Time” in 2023. Celebrated for their eclectic musical style and electrifying stage presence, they consistently deliver powerful performances that leave an indelible mark on their audience.

Fans eagerly anticipating the upcoming fan concert tour can find comprehensive details on VANNER’s official Twitter account1 or visit Celeb Confirmed2 for a more comprehensive insight into the group and their tour plans.

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