When BTS collaborated with western music

When BTS collaborated with western music

Since making their debut in the year 2013 BTS took the world by a storm with their K-Pop music. BTS has won many international awards and also all of their songs hit billions of views on YouTube. BTS does some excellent work with their songs, the thing that makes their song so addictive, is their hard work in every part of it such as vocals, rap, and EDM. Recently their song “BUTTER” ranked no. 1 on the Billboard chart.

BTS has touched the sky of success, and no doubt why every international music star wants to collaborate with BTS. After making their debut in the year 2013, BTS didn’t collaborate with anyone, but they started to collaborate with international stars in 2017.

Here is a look at BTS top collaborated songs:

  • CHANGE with WALE

WALE is one of the famous rappers and BTS made their collaboration debut with Wale. The song Change doesn’t feature all the BTS boys, the video has only RM and Wale. The song is all about mentioning issues such as racism and cyberbullying.


It can be called BTS’s very first collaboration with American artists. The song Best of Me by BTS x Chainsmokers is a love song in which BTS thanked their army for the support and love they have got from all around the world.


Boy with Luv got a lot of appreciation from the music critics. The song is about showing that true love comes from finding joy and happiness in the smallest things. The song was a huge hit and currently has around 1.2 billion views on YouTube.


When BTS decided to collaborate with Ed Sheeran everyone knew that this song is going to be a huge hit. The song had some soulful lyrics with the BTS effect. It was a romantic song which is perfect to play at weddings.


It featured J-Hope and Becky G together. J-hope and Becky G created a beautiful rap song mentioning overcoming their personal struggles and how they reached success. The song currently has 268 million views.

Comment your favorite BTS collaboration song.

Image Source : BTS Official Facebook page.

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