5 soulful ballads by Girls’ Generation Taeyeon you must listen to…

5 soulful ballads by Girls’ Generation Taeyeon you must listen to…

It’s Taeyeon’s Birthday. The Girls’ Generation Leader turned 32 years old yesterday. This popular girl group has debuted for the first time in 2007. Taeyeon has always dreamed of becoming a singer and pursued them since childhood relentlessly. She named BoA, Whitney Houston and Utada Hikaru as her inspirations in Music industry. Fans will agree that she has a powerful and unique voice that differentiates her from other singers. Her music reflects deepest emotions and vulnerabilities and the way she channels them through her skillful music.

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For her birthday, we reminisce 5 of her soulful songs to listen to. The songs are soothing and enlightening and definitely food for your musical soul!

1. Dear Me

Every person struggles with self-love at some point or other. Dear Me is the title track from the repackaged version of PURPOSE released in the year 2020. In this enlightening song, Taeyeon writes a love letter to her future self. It’s about how important it is to be kind and empathetic and accepting to oneself.

2. Starlight (ft. Dean)

Starlight is a pre-release single from her 2016 mini album WHY. She collaborated with Dean for this track. This is all about a romantic relationship and the different joys that come with that companionship.

3. All About You

All About You is an Original Sound Track for the drama IU-Yeo Jin Goo starrer drama, Hotel Del Luna in 2019. This beautiful melody is about being in love and all the experiences that you have together.

4. 11:11

This song was released in November, the 11th month of the year. This pop song is about the memories of making wishes with your former love when the clock struck 11:11.

5. I

I is her solo debut song from her 2015 mini-album debut, I. The soft rock-pop was written by herself and speaks of self-growth and to be a carefree version of yourself.

Happy Birthday to an amazing person who gave us such emotional and soulful ballads!

What are your favorite songs by Taeyeon? Let us know in the comments below!

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