IU drops Epilogue teaser, a track from her coming album, LILAC! Watch below!

IU drops Epilogue teaser, a track from her coming album, LILAC! Watch below!

IU is known to be unpredictable and how she takes her fans by surprise! On March 18, IU has dropped an enticing teaser for her track Epilogue, from her coming album, LILAC. The trailer opens up with IU’s hands in the frame, as she swirls the wine glass. The lighting and furniture sets the mood and reminds us of the Victorian era.

A pleasant tune plays in the background, IU is dressed in green and brown regal dress. A little smoke appears on the screen as the focus shifts to her and melody changes to a bit jazz-like. She reaches out to the disappearing smoke with an indifferent expression on her face. The smoke then dissolves into thin air.

Watch the teaser below:

She also released a lyrical teaser for the track, Spring Bye Spring and Flu, both part of LILAC. The teaser video for the title track Lilac has left the fans in awe of the duality she pulled off in it; delicate princess and badass female.

This 27-year-old singer is considered one of the best solo artists in KPop industry! Her albums Palette and Modern Times are a major hit. The album LILAC will drop on March 25 at 6pm KST.

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How excited are you guys for LILAC? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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