IU reveals track list for her album LILAC, featuring a collab with DEAN

IU has finally released the track list for he fifth album LILAC which is scheduled to release on March 25. This 27-year-old is considered to be one of the best solo artists in the K-Pop Industry! She started her career in 2007 and has delivered many hits with her albums Palette and Modern Times. Her previous album Palette was released in 2017.

IU - The 5th Album: LILAC (Teaser Image) : kpop

She looks stunning in red against the lilac back drop with purple clouds in the teaser track list. The teaser image features the songs, Lilac, Flu, Coin, Spring Bye Spring, Celebrity, Turning Song, Empty Cup, Child and My Ocean, Ah Puh and Epilogue. The chart-topping song Celebrity released earlier this year will be a part of this album. This list also features a collab with Dean for the track Turning Song. It’s no secret that IU and Dean are fans of each other. IU covered Dean’s popular song, Instagram and Dean made a special appearance on IU’s Palette tour. And they have finally collaborated on LILAC!

Check out the LILAC track list below:

IU - 5th Album 'LILAC' (Tracklist) : kpop

Kakao M the popular South Korean Entertainment company has finally resolved the issue with Spotify. So, the international fans can also enjoy IU’s music on the platform.

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